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BigMouthStrikesAgain: Michael Streko; To Knowem is to Love Him

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My guest today was Michael Streko, co-founder of Knowem.com and owner of Streko Media, which operates a network of affiliate sites across multiple verticals.

In this podcast, Michael talks about:

  • His diverse marketing background and how he made the leap into opening a .com startup in crappy economic times
  • How he fell into organic search and affiliate marketing
  • His new site, Knowem.com, which checks the availability of a brand name, user name or vanity URL on 120 Popular Social Media Websites
  • Simple tips that are often overlooked that help sites get ranked better
  • Advice to newbie affiliate marketers
  • The dynamic person that has made the biggest impact on his life
  • What he would use a “Magical Do-Over” for, if he had the opportunity
  • How he got his Disabled-Veteran status
  • What attendees can expect from his upcoming speaking gig at Affiliate Summit East 2009 in NYC

  • Michael also becomes the first guest to participate in “Big Mouth's Big Ten Challenge”, which will now become a regular feature of the podcast.

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    Missy Ward

    Co-Founder & President at Affiliate Summit, Inc.
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    1 Jim Kukral July 8, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    I'm enjoying the new podcast series. Good stuff.


    2 Missyward July 9, 2009 at 1:04 am

    Thanks. I like doing them. It's a nice break in the day!

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