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Call for Item Donations for the 2012 Team AMGB Charity Auction

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We are pleased to announce that we are holding the Affiliate Marketers Give Back Silent Auction again, starting the week of July 8th, 2012 on AffiliateMarketersGiveBack.com.

As of today, we have have raised more than half of our team goal of $80,000 for this year’s Affiliate Marketers Give Back, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, and are working really hard to raise the other half!

As such, we are asking individuals and companies to please help by considering a donation of an item or service for the silent auction.

Donated items will be listed on the website along with information on the donor and a link back to their website. Winners will be announced after the auction ends and will also receive a link back to their website.

How You Can Donate an Item

Team Affiliate Marketers Give Back has never missed hitting the team goal, and we don’t want to start now. So please help us out by donating an item to the silent auction. It’s a great way to get your name and services out in front of the masses and a great way to help raise money to fight breast cancer.

Please use this form to donate your item. Donations will be accepted through Saturday, June 30th, 2012.

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