In the first few years of your startup, the prize probably won't be a million bucks in the bank; it’s going to be survival. It’s staying hungry and staying afloat.Click To Tweet


I’ve been in marketing since 1989. Yeah. That long. You know… before the World Wide Web became publicly available.

At the end of 1999, I landed in the affiliate marketing industry. Before I knew it, it was 2003, and I was starting up Affiliate Summit with my business partner, Shawn Collins.

I was a broke, single mom of a 2-1/2-year-old. Shawn was the sole provider of a growing family and not making a lot of money either.

But we had big dreams; weren’t afraid of working hard, and we had a lot of stick-to-itiveness.

While it’s fun to work toward becoming a mogul, it’s rarely glamorous, and it requires more hard work than I could have imagined. That’s the bad news. [click to continue…]

The 2016 AffStat Affiliate Marketing Report is underway and will be focused on affiliates/publishers.

2016 AffStat Affiliate Marketing Survey (1)


If you are an affiliate/publisher, please take a few moments to complete the 14th annual AffStat Affiliate Marketing Survey by September 30, 2016.

Data from the AffStat survey will be published free at

Take the survey by August 2 and receive a 25% off code for Affiliate Summit West 2017 (must be used by August 9, 2016).

Affiliate managers and networks – please encourage your affiliates to take the AffStat survey.

If you’re interested in the 2015 AffStat Affiliate Marketing Benchmarks Report, it is available to download or read online.

80 percent of jobs aren't publicly advertised and are found through networking efforts.Click To Tweet


If your job hunt isn’t working, it may be because you’re not searching the right way. According to a Pew Research Center poll, 79 percent of job seekers use online resources and information, and 34 percent say the Internet is their most valuable job-seeking resource.

That said, Steven Rothberg, founder of estimates that 80 percent of jobs aren’t publicly advertised and are found through networking efforts.

Become a Better Networker to Get a Better Job |

This means you can increase your job hunt success odds dramatically if you know how to network effectively. Here are some tips for improving your networking skills to give your job hunt a boost.
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