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TheSpew, Episode 6: Sometimes Technology Really Sucks

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Listen above or download to iTunes.

I (@MissyWard) of Affiliate Summit moderated this week with panelists:

  • Lisa Riolo (@LisaRiolo), Internet Marketing Consultant

Jen Goode (@JGoode), the Chief Doodler of JGoodeDesigns.com and Carolyn Tang (@catango), Director of Client Services at ShareASale, were our special guests this week.

Sometimes Technology Really Sucks Today's episode reminded me of how much technology can really impact your day — especially when it doesn't work properly.

After each of us dropped off Skype multiple times today, we decided to record the podcast using GoToMeeting, which also failed us.

The result is a mashup of eight Pamela-recorded audio files plus two GoToMeeting files. It's a hot mess.

That being said, the content is still good. If you can get over the poor sound quality and the crappy display of editing you may find a juicy tidbit that will make it worth your while.

If anything else, you can find out why I recorded this podcast without wearing pants.

The topics that were discussed today were:

  • CafePress' recent announcement regarding changes to their MarketPlace and the impact that it has on their artists.
  • The 2009 ShareASale Road Trip and what the Client Services Team has in store for their “Shareholders”.
  • The smarter our phones get, the more rude we get? You decide.
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