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If you're sorting out how to connect with customers in APAC, the Affiliate Summit Webinar: The APAC Opportunity can help you along.Affiliate Summit Webinar Series_ The APAC Opportunity

The webinar, which will be presented by Ayush Goyal, Regional Director SEA, Optimise Media will cover:

  • Getting the fundamentals right – tracking, payments, currencies, language, time zone localization, local publisher reach, local account management
  • Universal tracking – how to overcome the most common tracking issues and track performance campaigns the smart way
  • Examples of advertisers who have successfully scaled cross-border campaigns in APAC
  • Performance analytics – how a data-driven approach can help achieve your business goals
  • Performance advertising – examples of how we’ve driven success for clients e.g. increasing reach, volume & value of sales etc.
  • Intro to Optimise Media – reach, expertise & core product range – Universal Tracking, supported Performance Analytics and delivery of Performance Analytics

There are two available time slots for this webinar:

  1. Wed, Jul 25, 2018:  6:00 AM – 7:00 AM EDT

Everyone who registers for this webinar series will get access to the recording, so if you're not an early-bird (like me) simply sign up for the webinar and watch it later.  That's what I'll be doing 😉


Join us with Justin Rondeau of Template Zone on Thursday, November 17th, 2011 at 2pm EST for a webinar presentation entitled “Socialize Your Brand – Actionable Tips to Improve Your Social Strategy.”

Register now – space is limited: Socialize Your Brand – Actionable Tips to Improve Your Social Strategy

What is the webinar about:
Social media has the potential to increase your conversions, generate more qualified leads and build a community around your brand. Social media directly connects individuals to brands while increasing transparency and improving the customer’s experience. Learn how social media fits with your brand, and how you can begin to transform ‘Likes’ into leads and followers into fanatics. This webinar will teach you how to create like-worthy content as well as fan-only content that brings new traffic to your Facebook page and primes your fans for action on your company website

About Justin Rondeau:
Justin Rondeau graduated Suma Cum Laude from the University of New Hampshire in 2009 with a BA in Philosophy. Though Justin studied Philosophy he found his niche in marketing while doing the copywriting for TemplateZone and found great success in analyzing social media trends. Justin believes that philosophy is what has made him so successful in the marketing field because philosophy, like marketing, requires rigorous analysis and an ever evolving approach.

Justin directs social media strategy and email marketing for TemplateZone and its suite of services, including High Impact Designer. His expertise on landing pages and Facebook page layouts was instrumental in shifting the product mix offered by TemplateZone, in addition to setting a new course for the company's marketing and branding.

About Template Zone
TemplateZone, a subsidiary of KMT Software, Inc., develops & markets desktop applications & services for small business & entrepreneurs. Our goal is to provide software solutions that streamline business productivity such as email marketing templates, Microsoft Office templates, business plan & employee handbook templates. We create easy-to-use tools & services that help small businesses achieve a big business look on a small business budget.

Be sure to register for the this FREE Webinar: Socialize Your Brand – Actionable tips to improve your social strategy – space is limited.

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