toby keith’s bar

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“Friendship isn't a big thing – it's a million little things.” ~Author Unknown

If you happened to be monitoring the #ASW10 hashtag on Twitter after Affiliate Summit West 2010 ended on Tuesday, January 19th, you may have come across some goofy tweets from me and my cohorts about heading off to Toby Keiths Bar.

For those of you that know me, you may have been surprised that I would go to a place that serves nothing but greasy food and has a modest wine list that features three simple choices: pink, white or red.

As if that isn't enough, the coup de grĂ¢ce… Toby's only plays country music (something this die-hard rock chick just can't cope with).

Now, what if I told you that I've gone there 3 years in a row?

One might wonder why I would subject myself to this excruciating torture, year after year. The answer quite simply is that I've got friends in low places and I wouldn't change them for the world.

This restaurant, however agonizing for me causes my business partner, Shawn Collins such happiness. And that's the reason why our li'l internet family gets together every year. We love seeing him that happy over something as silly as this.

The video above was produced by Todd Farmer, my friend for many years. Besides being a master of video, he also happens to be pretty darn smart.