July 2008

Disclosure: If I'm not making money through affiliate links on the post you're currently reading, it's an oversight on my part and will be corrected soon.

Shawn and I did a podcast on WebmasterRadio.fm earlier today which highlighted some of the goodies coming up for Affiliate Summit East in Boston.

These are some of the topics we covered:

. Conference almost sold out.
. Blue Man Group Performance
. Cory Booker – Keynote and his latest interview in Esquire
. Affiliate Summit Staff T-Shirt Sponsorship
. Great Affiliate Road Rally
. Affiliate Summit Mentor Program
. Affiliate Summit Hospitality Lounge, Sponsored by Partner Fusion
. Meet Market and Merchant Mart Sold Out and only 3 Booths Left in Hall
. ShareASale's “Under the Stars” Party
. WebmasterRadio.fm's Affiliate Bash
. Red Sox are in town playing the Texas Rangers on Tuesday, Aug. 12th
. Online Domain Auction
. FeedFront Magazine РAugust/September edition articles featuring an expos̩ on Haiko de Poel, Jr.

The podcast runs about 30 minutes.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

The pictures from the last ShareASale “Under the Stars” Party that was held during Affiliate Summit 2008 West in Vegas this past February are finally available.

The party was held in one of the Sky Villas on the top floors of the Fantasy Tower in the Palms Hotel. In keeping with custom, Brian Littleton of ShareASale.com, did it up again — upscale style — a tradition we could all get used to.

I'm glad that the pictures are finally available. It brought back some great memories!

Shawn Collins, Brian Littleton, Missy Ward

Almost everyone knows that I'd do anything for my friend and business partner, Shawn Collins. He is the yang to my yin when it comes to our business relationship.

It is with those heartfelt feelings that I am begging the online marketing community to help me, help Shawn stop creating these goofy videos, like the one above.

I don't know how it started and I'm really not sure how it got to this point. All I know is that it's completely out of hand now and I'm calling on the help of everyone I know to make it stop.

Please help me, help Shawn. Post your prayers and pleas for him to stop either here or on Obama2.com

Friends don't let friends make goofy videos.