October 2008

Disclosure: If I'm not making money through affiliate links on the post you're currently reading, it's an oversight on my part and will be corrected soon.

Sitting here thinking about Ad:tech NYC next week and my vacation to Aruba, immediately following…. Wondering how on earth I'm going to get 14 days of clothing for two completely different climates into one piece of luggage. Why limit it to one you ask?

It's the challenge.

Speaking of challenges, I took a look at my calendar for Ad:tech and I realize that I might have over-committed. Here's what I RSVP'd “Yes” to:

Dinner @ Etrusca
The GLAM party @ Crash Mansion
The No Bull Party @ Johnny Utah's

Joe's Shanghai Adtech Takeover Dinner
Oldtimer's Party @ Thom Bar
Epic Party @ Marquee
Copeac Party @ Touch
MoneyMaker's Party @ Pacha

Sushi Samba Dinner
Omni Berskshire Overtake

Now, none of this would be overwhelming if it wasn't for the fact that I will be trapped behind my booth (that's #919) all day long, spending hours upon hours on my feet.

But given the fact that I'm not afraid of commitment (just ask my ex-hubby's), I intend to fulfill all of my good-guest obligations and make it to everything I said “yes” to. After all, they were all kind enough to invite me, eh?

And let's talk about that booth.

Affiliate Summit will be exhibiting at Booth 919 (in case you missed my previous plug). My fellow co-founder, Shawn Collins did a quick video on the stuff that will be going on at our booth, after checking with me late last night.

He apparently had some difficulties during the production, so I'm here to help out. Here are a list of items that we will not be giving away at our booth: pens, pencils, highlighers, stress balls, lint rollers (we already gave those away once before), paper holders that resemble roach clips, cups, mugs, sticky notes, pads of paper, gum, mints, clothing apparel, calculators, computer accessories, tools, or anything related to these items.

We will be giving out copies of the last FeedFront issues and something very special. In order to get the something special, you must use the secret phrase, “I Voted”.

So hope to see you in NYC and feel free to drop off as many cups of Starbucks (located downstairs in the Hilton Lobby) at my booth (#919) 😉

Doterati (Central Florida's association for interactive marketers, media and the tech community) is pretty close to rolling out their full calendar of events for 2009. In the meantime, they've announced their upcoming TweetUp schedule.

Looks like Central Florida marketers are in for some great networking opportunities.

In addition, they're decided to start a member interview section and I volunteered to be the first interviewee (somebody's gotta be the first). So here you can find out a little more about me…probably more than you care to know 🙂

I'm looking forward to learning more about other Doterati members in my community.

Hope to see you at one of the Tweetups

Affiliate Summit is going to be exhibiting at booth # 919 at Ad:tech in New York City next week.

I'll have a full post later this week of all the parties going on and where I'll be going.

In keeping with tradition, we'll be giving away a some goodies and copies of the current and past issues of FeedFront Magazine.

Shawn and I will also be having some fun with the Green Screen, so swing by to get in on the video action.

Green Screen

One of the things we'll be giving away at our booth is a crisp $100 Missy Buck. This li'l diddy will allow you to take $100 off of any registration type for the upcoming Affiliate Summit 2009 West in Las Vegas.

$100 Missy Bucks

If you're not going to be in New York for Ad:tech, don't sweat it. I'm happy to email you a $100 Missy Buck. Simply complete the information below and I'll send off to you.

Please complete the information above to receive your $100 Missy Bucks via email. 

I hope to see you in NYC!