June 2009

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As many of you know, Breast Cancer awareness, research and treatment is a cause that I've been championing for several years.

In 2007, I started Affiliate Marketers Give Back, in an effort to rally the Affiliate Marketing Industry to help me kick Breast Cancer's ass.

Since then, we've raised over $100,000 in unique ways; one of them being an annual Team-Walk for Susan G Komen for the Cure.

This year, Team Affiliate Marketers Give Back will be taking on the 40-mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Los Angeles on September 12-13.

The Avon Walk exists to raise funds to fight breast cancer and to bring awareness and education about the disease. It's also an opportunity for individuals to join forces and generate significant progress in both the treatment of breast cancer and a quest for the cure – while simultaneously having an extraordinary experience.

Brian Clark of Copyblogger.com and Chris Pearson of DIYThemes have already joined the team and we're looking for some more folks to come along with us.

If you decide to walk with the rest of Team Affiliate Marketers Give Back (“Team AMGB”), you will definitely have an extraordinary experience — we've had a blast each year!

Why You Should Walk with Team Affiliate Marketers Give Back

Below are the reasons why others have joined the team in past years:

  • The loss of a close friend or family member
  • Knew someone who was coping with the disease
  • They faced breast cancer themselves
  • Was worried that one day they may be diagnosed with the disease
  • Wanted to feel that they've done something to help find a cure
  • Gave them a reason to start an exercise regimen and get into shape
  • Was schnookered into it by Missy Ward 🙂

  • While everyone has different reasons to walk, together we are connected by our shared commitment to do our part to end breast cancer.

    Ready to Walk With Us Yet?

    It's a very simple process to sign up. Simply register on the Avon site and select “Affiliate Marketers Give Back” as your walking team.

    Not Able to Walk, But Would Like to Donate or Sponsor the Team?

    There are a number of sponsorship packages available to help support our efforts.

    We're happy with donations of any amount which can be made through our Team Donation Form.

    I know the economy sucks and now is not the time to be asking for money. However, if you find it possible to help in any way, I'd be forever grateful.


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    Listen above, on GeekCast.fm, or download to iTunes.

    While it may seem utterly contrived that Rae Hoffman, aka “Sugarrae” is my first guest on BigMouthStrikesAgain.fm, I can tell you that the timing, is purely fortuitous. 🙂

    Rae is the CEO of MFE Interactive, co-founder of Pushfire, and author of Sugarrae.com. She is legendary when it comes to three things: 1) SEO 2) Affiliate Marketing and 3) Speaking her mind.

    In this podcast, Rae talks about:

    • How she got into online marketing and how “Sugarrae” originated.
    • The first commercial website she built
    • Outspoken Media and the company's services
    • The highlight of her career thus far
    • The best and worst advice she's ever been given
    • Tips for folks that are just getting into affiliate marketing
    • Recommendations to affiliate marketers about to take the plunge into self-employment
    • What she'd be doing if she wasn't an online marketer
    • Her concerns about the future of affiliate marketing
    • Whether her need to tell it like it is has cost her business
    • Upcoming speaking appearances

    …and more.

    Show Links:

    Big Mouth Strikes Again LogoAs many of you know, I'm the founder of TheSpew.fm podcast which airs on GeekCast.fm.

    Over the last few months, we've had a bunch of terrific guests on our show and have had a blast recording the podcast.

    Unfortunately, (although I'm not sure how it happened), the show duration seems to have grown longer and longer; teetering on the verge of being annoying to listen to.

    So as to keep the original intent of the podcast — to be a round-table of women discussing internet marketing — I've decided to fly solo on another podcast airing soon, appropriately named BigMouthStrikesAgain*.

    This new 30-minute (or less) podcast will feature interviews of experts in affiliate marketing, social media, search engine marketing, mobile marketing and more.

    While I'll still be participating in upcoming episodes of TheSpew, I figured that with me not being on every single episode, the other girls might be able to get a word in 😉

    So here's where you come in.

    Are you an expert in your area of online marketing? Want to help others learn more about your field?

    Then I'd love to have you as my guest on BigMouthStrikesAgain!

    Simply fill out the form below, and if your specialty is relevant to the audience, I'll get you scheduled.**

    Then follow BigMouthStrikesAgain on Twitter @bigmouthpodcast

    * Credit for the podcast name goes to Shawn Collins. Him and I are both big fans of The Smiths, and their song Big Mouth Strikes Again is one of my favorites. The name couldn't be more fitting for the podcast.

    ** We record via Skype. You would need the latest version running on your computer along with a headset/speaker.