November 2009

Disclosure: If I'm not making money through affiliate links on the post you're currently reading, it's an oversight on my part and will be corrected soon.

Carnegie DeliLeo Steiner was the co-owner and front-man for the Carnegie Deli back in the late-70's through the mid-80's. He was known for doing crazy things like carving a Statue of Liberty out of chopped liver, and entertaining his patrons with comedy; all geared towards raising Carnegie Deli's brand awareness.

Leo became very popular after his TV commercials for Arnold's Jewish Rye Bread came out, immortalizing his famous line, “It makes a nice sandwich… a nice sandwich”.

I was reminded of Leo today, when I read about the disclosure changes that Ted Murphy of Izea implemented to Social Spark yesterday.

Ted reminds me a lot of Leo.  Not only does he take pride in his businesses and does nutty things to promote his brand, but he also clearly has a passion for sandwiches.

Introducing The SocialSpark Sandwich

SocialSpark Sandwich

The SocialSpark Sandwich was used to demonstrate the new Disclosure changes that Ted implemented, which now mandates participating Bloggers to include  a new Disclosure Text Message along with the previously required Disclosure Badge, as shown below.

Social Spark Disclosure Badge and Message

I think it's a great move on his part to implement the additional requirements given the need for transparency and the recent FTC changes in Disclosure requirements.

To find out more information on the new SocialSpark Disclosure Requirements, please visit


As I've previously disclosed on my blog, I do sit on the Advisory Board for Izea, .  That being said, the above opinions are mine.

SFIMA LogoIf you're going to be in the South Florida area this Friday (November 20th) and are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing, South Florida Interactive Marketing Association will be hosting a 1-day workshop dedicated to the topic at Nova Southeastern University.

I'm delighted to see that many of my friends are speaking during the event, including:

  • Jay Berkowitz – CEO of
  • Julien Smith – Co-Author Trust Agents, a NY Times Bestseller
  • Carolyn Tang – Director of Client Services for
  • Mike Allen – Owner of (Affiliate of the Year at the 2009 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards)
  • Andy Rodriguez – Owner of ARC Consulting
  • and more.
  • The event will cover topics such as:

  • Different ways to make money online & tips for each
  • Affiliate Marketing techniques that generate results
  • How other internet marketers are making top dollar using Affiliate Marketing
  • The most important things to know from a legal perspective
  • Affiliate Agreements and the Proposed Florida Internet Sales Tax – How Can They Affect You?
  • Affiliate Marketing for Marketers
  • Affiliate Marking for Affiliates
  • Practical steps to Affiliate Marketing
  • The cost to attend is a very reasonable $49 bucks.

    More information including the full agenda and how to register can be found on the SFIMA website.

    Embracing new revenue opportunities for merchants and affiliates alike, ShareASale officially announced the launch of its new Pay-Per-Call Center today, after an extremely successful pilot program.

    What's exciting to me is that Brian Littleton, the CEO of ShareASale recognizes that affiliate marketing related transactions can happen offline and integrating the new Pay-Per-Call Platform will give ShareASale's merchants and affiliates a leg-up on the competition.

    As of today, there are 30+ live pay-per-call campaigns available to affiliates with commissions as high as $50 bucks a call.

    I had the opportunity to speak with Brian quickly today, who offered “Pay-Per-Call presents another powerful method for Affiliates to reach customers that are otherwise difficult for Merchants to reach on their own. There are huge markets in areas such as local search, offline and big-ticket items where phone calls are preferable to clicks. An Affiliate can now have all of the benefits of Performance Marketing – yet take them beyond the borders of the traditional internet shopping.”

    To learn more, please visit