July 2010

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We’ve received a number of inquiries about whether passes to Affiliate Summit East 2010 can be upgraded. And the answer is yes.

The cost of upgrades is the difference in the price of your pass when you registered and the price of the higher level pass at the time of the upgrade.

Affiliate Summit Upgrades

There are four pass types: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. If you’re interested in seeing sessions at Affiliate Summit, Gold will get you into the Sunday sessions and Platinum provides access to all three days of sessions.

Diamond passes get access to all three days of sessions, plus DVDs of all recorded session videos.

Visit http://www.affiliatesummit.com/register/ for more details on the various pass types. Contact us about upgrading your Affiliate Summit pass.

Its a very scary time right now for affiliates. A lot of people are getting sued and on the other side people are having their hard work stolen and used by others for profit and not a clue what to do about it.

To make matters worse about the only information out there comes from bloggers or journalists who have ZERO real experience themselves in dealing with these issues.

Today Jeremy Schoemaker (@ShoeMoney) released an outstanding video detailing all of his legal battles throughout the last 5 years. Jeremy has defended himself against various companies over the years and has never lost a case. Mostly due to covering his a$$ making sure he was in full compliance each time.

Also in the video Jeremy takes you on the other side and shows you not only how to protect your own content but how to go after those who steal your work. Jeremy has pursued over 2 dozen people who have infringed on his trademarks and copyrights in the last year alone and in this video he walks you through each step of the process from initial contact to how to position yourself best to win jurisdiction hearings to winning damages, and even your attorneys fees.

At the end Jeremy also shares all of his policies and documents and gives them to you in downloadable PDF’s. Its great stuff.

Go here and check it all out now:


(Yes, you have to opt in to see it but its well worth it and you can unsubscribe from Jeremy’s updates if you want later).

For a quick peak at Jeremy's video about what he's up to, click the link below.

Jeremy Schoemaker (@Shoemoney) Provides Free Legal Advice to Website Owners

There will be a major domain name auction and networking event on Wednesday, August 18 (the day after Affiliate Summit East 2010) in New York City.

Extend your Affiliate Summit trip, so you can learn from domain name and online advertising experts at the DOMAINfest NYC Power Networking Day event on August 18, 2010 at the Grand Hyatt Midtown Manhattan.

Registration is only $175 and includes access to all sessions, lunch, and dinner cocktail party.

The big event of the day is the Moniker.com Live Domain Name Auction, where you will have a chance to bid on domains such as Rate.com, ByOwner.com, Cable.com, StockQuotes.com, Stocks.com, CreditRate.com, Patents.com, and many more at all price points.

Visit http://domainauctions.moniker.com/2010/DOMAINfest-New-York to view the domain name auction catalog.

Bids are accepted in the room, online and via telephone proxy.

Get 20% off registration using discount code AFFSUMMIT.

Check out http://domainfest.com/NewYork2010/agenda for more details.