March 2011

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Last night, as part of the Affiliate Summit Inaugural Meetup Day, the Orlando Group got together at Sultan Mediterranean Restaurant in Kissimmee.

I was a little late arriving, but Priscilla, Jon and Michael Nunez of took care of the agenda items and as I hear it, even helped in the kitchen 🙂

Affiliate Summit Meetup Group Orlando

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There was a lot of interest in Shawn Collin's new site where he's teaching folks about affiliate marketing from the ground up, absolutely free.

We also had a lot of fun catching up with each other's businesses, talking about affiliate marketing legislature and juicy gossip, pigging out on hummus and trying out all the hookah flavors. (I liked the licorice tobacco the best!)

Thanks to all the attendees that showed up and a big debt of gratitude goes out to Michael and Jon Nunez for picking up the entire bill!

Our next meetup is scheduled for Tuesday, April 29th at the Sweetwater Golf and Country Club. There will be a session on blog monetization using affiliate marketing.

If you're an affiliate marketer living in driving distance of the Orlando area, do join the Affiliate Summit Orlando Meetup Group.

Here's what you're missing out on if you don't 🙂

“It's All About the Cookies… and brownies and pies and cakes….”

An Affiliate Cookbook!

Since the 90’s, affiliate marketers have had a love affair with cookies – not the chocolate chip, or oatmeal variety – but the pieces of code that ultimately tracks affiliates’ sales and commissions earned.

These affiliate marketers are a diverse group. Some work part-time and earn enough to subsidize their income while others have created extremely lucrative businesses.

Ultimately, success is defined by the affiliates themselves.

To that end, I've asked affiliate marketers from around the globe to share their recipe for success and favorite cookie (or other yummy dessert).

The result is a business book filled with
mouth-watering recipes and thought-provoking insights learned on their road to successan interesting read and a wonderful addition to your own kitchen.

Get Featured in It's All About the Cookies…

As of today, I found out that I still have more room to include additional recipes before we go to print.  So, if you're an affiliate marketer, please consider submitting your recipe here:

A Big Round of Applause!

A tremendous amount of thanks goes out to all of the affiliate marketers and advertisers who have contributed to the success of this book.

I'd like to also thank Jen Goode, Doodler in Charge of Mary Poiley, founder of; and Jen Goode, and Neil duPaul, my fantastic assistant who helped make this project a reaility.

Supporting “Affiliate Marketers Give Back” Efforts

It’s All About the Cookies” is being produced to help Affiliate Marketers Give Back (“AMGB”) efforts to raise money to support breast cancer research, treatment, awareness and community programs.

100% of the net profits will be donated to Team AMGB's 2011 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  Since 2007, with the help of countless affiliate marketers, AMGB has helped raise over $245,000.00 to help #SaveTheBoobies through various fundraising efforts including 40 and 60-mile walks, silent auctions, not-so-silent auctions, corporate sponsorships and lots of (sometimes) goofy promotions.

This book is no exception.

I was recently on the “Essentials Overlooked by 90% of Affiliate Managers” Panel at PubCon Austin 2011 along with Geno Prussakov, Keith Posehn, Jerry West and our moderator, Chuck Hamrick.

While my fellow panelists focused on various areas that Affiliate Managers can improve upon, I focused on the affiliate recruitment aspect.

As I've been an affiliate, affiliate manager (for both individual merchants and a CPA Network) and also a merchant myself, I was able to provide some insight from all perspectives.

Their was a lively debate on “affiliate-stalking” and whether or not it was appropriate for an Outsourced Program Manager (“OPM”) to continuously try to cross-recruit their active affiliates into their other managed programs.

In the end, we all agreed that the most successful affiliate managers are the ones that take the time to understand their affiliates' businesses and treat those relationships respectfully.

The full presentation can be found on Slideshare here: