March 2012

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Rapportive is a contact management browser plugin for Gmail that is really useful for networking online.

Missy Ward on RapportiveWhen you send or receive an email to a contact, Rapportive pops up a column on the right with details on the social networks for that person.

You can see their photo, recent Tweets, links to their Facebook and LinkedIn (who acquired Rapportive recently), and more.

I often meet people for lunch I’ve never met before, and it’s hugely helpful to get a picture of the person, as well as to be able to get more of a feel for them through their various social networks.

The same goes for meeting new people at conferences.

Sure, you could do that legwork on your own, but you might not find the correct accounts for a given name.

Also, it makes it easy to connect on these networks with the contact, and establish a rapport. Cool, free tool – check it out.

Get Rapportive at

Once again, Shawn Collins and I will be awarding scholarships when we return to New York City, this August for Affiliate Summit East 2012.

We will be sponsoring up to fifty Affiliate Summit Pay it Forward Scholarships for affiliates to attend the conference.

The goal of the scholarships is to make the education and networking experience of Affiliate Summit available to affiliates who might not otherwise be able to attend.

“The very first two sessions I attended were worth the entire conference for me. I came away realizing how much I still have to learn to achieve success.”

-Robin Chalkley
Affiliate Summit West 2012 Scholarship Winner

Each recipient of the Affiliate Summit Pay it Forward Scholarships will be awarded one VIP Pass (a $1,249 value) to Affiliate Summit East 2012, taking place at the Hilton New York on August 12-14, 2012.

VIP Passes include breakfast and lunch on Monday and Tuesday; admission to the Meet Market, Exhibit Hall, Keynotes, all educational sessions on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday; participation in the Newcomer program; access to all recorded session videos; and PowerPoint presentations.

“Having the pass allowed me to attend more of the workshops and to attend breakfasts and such. We could not have afforded that pass. That was appreciated so much.”

-Neva Vadeboncoeur
Affiliate Summit West 2012 Scholarship Winner

Applicants will be considered based on current participation in and future contribution to the affiliate marketing industry. All applicants must also have valid US addresses to qualify.

Interested candidates will answer one of these three questions in essay form in 300 words or less:

  1. What is something broken in affiliate marketing and how can we fix it?
  2. What do you hope to accomplish in affiliate marketing?
  3. My idea for an affiliate site is to…

All applications will be reviewed by the Affiliate Summit Advisory Board, and winners of the scholarships will be notified by Monday, June 11, 2012.

In order to be considered for an Affiliate Summit Pay It Forward Scholarship, please complete the scholarship application. The deadline for submission is Friday, June 1, 2012.

“I sincerely appreciate the scholarship and think this is one of the best conferences I have ever attended. It's inspiring and FILLED with so many quality people.”

-Shannon Vogel
Affiliate Summit West 2012 Scholarship Winner