August 2013

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We just donated $24,311 to fight breast cancer from the Race to Affiliate Summit East 2013 and now it's time for affiliate marketers to start over again with battling breast cancer through exercise.

Affiliate Summit West 2014Affiliate Summit has created a dailymile Challenge where we will donate $1 to benefit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in support of the Affiliate Marketers Give Back team for each mile cycled, run, swam, or walked.

dailymile syncs with Garmin (205, 305, 310xt, 405, 405cx), Nike+ device and iPhone app, as well as a number of iPhone and Android clients.

I like RunKeeper myself, because it works with my Withings scale and Pebble watch, but it doesn't automatically sync to dailymile.

So, like me, you can manually enter your exercise efforts.

In order to participate in dailymile activities, you will need to friend me on dailymile and I will invite you to the challenge.

Do you accept the Race to Affiliate Summit East 2013 Challenge?

Affiliate Summit West 2014 is taking place January 12-14, 2014 in Las Vegas.

The participant with the most total miles at the end of the challenge will receive a VIP Pass to Affiliate Summit East 2014.

2nd to 5th place finishers will each receive a Networking Plus Pass to Affiliate Summit East 2014, and 6th to 10th place finishers will each receive a Networking Pass to Affiliate Summit East 2014.

I am still a little bitter that I didn't crack the top ten the last time around, so prepare to battle me if you're looking for a top spot.

Please note that all information you provide as part of the contest is public and may be used by Affiliate Summit in our marketing efforts for this event.

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According to research published by MarketingSherpa, 64 percent of companies will see an increase in their email marketing budget in 2013, so there will be a lot of competition to attract readers and convince them to click through and convert.

To earn your fair share of those clicks, your email marketing will have to stand out from the crowd. You will need an effective email marketing tool to manage the details so you can spend your time refining your message and tactics.

Campaigner is a cloud-based email tool that works well for newbies to email marketing as well as for seasoned pros, so whichever group you fall into, take a closer look at Campaigner.

List management

Campaigner helps with that most dreaded of tasks – list management – by supporting easy imports of existing contacts and makes it easy to add sign up forms to your website or social media pages. It also Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

manages bounces so your list stays cleaner. In the same research report, MarketingSherpa reports that many companies are discouraged about their ability to grow their lists, so the tools Campaigner brings may help keep you from becoming part of that unhappy statistic.

Helpful features that improve email effectiveness

Email marketing is most effective when sent to a targeted group, and Campaigner makes it easy to narrow your list with easy to use filters. You can set up static segments for groups you send to repeatedly, or you can create dynamic groups for specials, new products or events. Prospects are less likely to regard your email as spam if they receive targeted emails with content that is of interest to them, and filtering will improve your conversion rate and help keep your list healthy.

Built in analytics provide immediate feedback on what’s working and what isn’t, so you can easily fine-tune your campaigns to maximize conversions and revenue.

Campaigner includes a “Share Bar” that provides links to social media sites to enable users to forward your emails easily, amplifying your reach exponentially and helping you to grow your list. When the people already on your list share your emails with friends and acquaintances, you know you’ve done something right.

Campaigner also includes over 600 themed email templates that you can customize, or you can create your own from the ground up so you control every aspect of your branding. There are holiday themed templates, newsletter templates, and even templates for mobile email, so you should be able to find something that works if you’re not up for building your own from scratch.

Campaigner automates mundane tasks

Campaigner also includes easy auto-responders so you can reply to frequently asked questions or requests for information without having to manage them individually. This is also a great way to manage recurring campaigns or campaigns triggered by a customer’s actions.


Campaigner bases its pricing on the number of contacts.

Number of Contacts

Monthly Fee

Up to 1000

$ 10

1,001 to 2,500

$ 25

2,501 to 5,000

$ 40

5,001 to 10,000

$ 55

10,001 to 25.000


25,001 to 50,000



Pricing for companies with more than 50,000 contacts is by quote.

It’s easy to sign up for campaigner with the 30-day free trial offer. You don’t need to provide a credit card number unless you choose to go beyond the trial, so there’s no risk in taking campaigner out for a trial spin.

Campaigner is easy to use and provides all the tools most companies need for effective email marketing, if you're looking for a way to increase revenue, Campaigner might be exactly what you need to kickstart your efforts.

Thinking about growing your small business through email marketing? Try Campaigner today and take advantage of their 30 day FREE trial.

We have a poll up through August 28 to pick the city for the next Affiliate Summit East.

Since the start of Affiliate Summit, we have been to a variety of cities in the east: Boston, Miami, New York City, Orlando, and Philadelphia.

Would you like to re-visit one of those cities or go someplace new?

We’ve got over a dozen cities for you too choose from in the U.S. and Canada.

Will this be the first time we go full Canada (we did visit by boat for the second Affiliate Summit with a stop in Nova Scotia), back to NYC, or stay in Philly?

A return to Boston, Miami, or Orlando? Or some other new city?

Not for nothing, but I’d love to go to Nashville, so we can have some quality music.

Please take the poll now!

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