July 2015

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According to a Customer Experience Impact Report sponsored by RightNow, 82 percent of U.S. consumers said they have stopped doing business with a company due to poor service. Seventy-three percent of those said the rude staff was the main reason for the switch while 55 percent complained about a slow and inefficient resolution.

5 Angry Customer Personas & How to Help Them

Every business will get an angry customer from time to time — the trick is to use the opportunity to identify trends and better train your staff on resolving issues.

Here are some customer persona insights to explore and ways in which to help them. [click to continue…]

We are now accepting article proposals for issue 32 of FeedFront magazine through August 14, 2015.

Become a Contributor to FeedFront Magazine, Issue 32 (October 2015)

The next issue of FeedFront will be coming out in October 2015, and it will be snail mailed to tens of thousands of subscribers. [click to continue…]

Why consider using video in your product reviews?

Well, it turns out YouTube is the number two place people search – after Google. So using videos in your review and uploading them to YouTube can seriously boost your SEO rankings (and no, the same cannot be said of other video hosting sites; stick with YouTube – after all, Google owns it).

Using Video in your Product Reviews

Authenticity Matters in Video Product Reviews

Thinking about adding a video to your site can be pretty daunting, particularly when you’re a work from home blogger. You might feel like you’ll need to put on makeup, do your hair, and clean your house before you can shoot a quick video about a product.

But the truth is authenticity matters in video content as well. While it’s always nice to look good and have a clean house, you can also JUST BE YOU on the videos, even if that YOU has kids crawling all over you… and your yoga pants.

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