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Did you know that YouTube is serving over a billion video views every day? With that amount of entertainment, news, information and mayhem clogging up your customer’s computers, you need a more efficient way to reach them in the Goliath of online video and cluttered search engine results.

With the growth of universal search, affiliates need to utilize video to get their products and services in front of potential buyers and the best way to do that is through proper optimization of their videos.

Here are 5 techniques to get your videos pulling inside of YouTube and within the major search engines.

1. Proper Titles. Writing a title that is compelling for both viewers and search engines can be tricky. Digging into keyword research is your best bet here, as long tail phrases are easier to rank for and often lead to higher conversions. When writing these titles, keep them to 65 characters with your strong keywords to the start of the title.

2. URL Leading Description. When writing your description there are a few things to note. The first is that by using http://yourlink.com, YouTube will automatically make a live link that can send viewers directly to your landing page, offer, or Web site. I recommend using this as the first thing in your description so viewers can easily click over to your site.

3. Above The Fold Description. The next section of your description should read like a Tweet. Keep it to 140 or so characters, loaded with your key phrase and descriptive text. The reason to keep it short is that YouTube only displays about 160 characters of your description on a video page before the viewer has to click on the more information link. Keeping this introduction descriptive will entice the viewer to click your link while giving the search engines something to crawl and index.

4. Rock Star Tags. Giving your video proper tags gives you leverage not only in the search results, but also in the related videos section on a video page. Try using long tail keywords and also look at videos from your competition. See where they come up in the results for your top keywords. A good rule of thumb is 6-7 long tail keywords for your rock star tags.

5. Links and Embeds. YouTube videos are just like Web pages, the more links you send back to your videos, the higher they will rank in YouTube and Google. Another tactic is to embed your video on multiple sites. This means taking the code that YouTube provides for you and placing it on your blog, inside of appropriate forums, social networks, and other relevant sites. This is a great way to rapidly increase your visibility of your video.

When creating videos, create them with an end goal in mind. Always perform keyword research and see what other videos are working. Now go out there and start capitalizing on the power of YouTube.

Greg Rollett is a Rock Star Marketer from Orlando, FL who blogs about Internet Marketing and Lifestyle Design at http://www.rockstarlifestyledesign.com.

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