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Commission Junction University 2012

Commission Junction University 2012 (CJU) is taking place September 12-14, 2012 at the Bacara Resort. (I'm so bummed that I booked too late and couldn't get in there, so I'll be at the Canary.)   (Yay!  Just got into the Bacara.  Thank you Karen Hoxmeier)

This year's sessions and case studies focus on profitability, incrementality and reach. There a quite a few that I'm anxious to see.

I'm also really looking forward to the Expo which is CJ's tradeshow-style networking event and of course, the CJYou Awards Dinner, where advertisers, publishers and agencies are recognized for outstanding network performance metrics.

Last year, there was a flash mob during the CJU Awards, which was a total surprise and made everyone smile. I'm curious what may be up their sleeve this time!

If you've never been to a Commission Junction University, here are some highlights from CJU 2011:

If you're attending, don't forget to connect with me in the CJUniverse!

See ya in Santa Barabara!

Commission Junction, a division of ValueClick, Inc. announced their winners of its CJYou Awards, (formerly the Horizon Awards) which were presented at the annual Commission Junction University.

The award winners are advertisers, publishers and agencies of Commission Junction and were chosen for their outstanding network performance metrics.

And the winners are:

Rookie of the Year, Advertiser
Abe's of Maine
Awarded to a new advertiser who has achieved the highest total revenue
Rookie of the Year, Publisher
Awarded to a new publisher who has achieved the highest total revenue
Advertiser of the Year
Yahoo! Affiliate Program
Awarded to an advertiser who has achieved the largest year-over-year increase in revenue and greatest percentage of growth
Publisher of the Year
Awarded to a publisher who has achieved the largest year-over-year increase in revenue and greatest percentage of growth
People's Choice, Advertiser (tie)
Chosen by the publisher community and awarded to an advertiser who demonstrates the best partnership qualities and excellence in supporting publisher needs
People's Choice, Publisher
Chosen by the advertiser community and awarded to a publisher who demonstrates the best partnership qualities and excellence in delivering value to an advertiser's affiliate program
Innovator of the Year
Awarded to an advertiser or publisher who demonstrates the most successful use of emerging technologies
Agency of the Year
Awarded to an agency that has excelled at fostering relationships between its clients and Commission Junction

Congratulations to all the winners and the folks that were nominated.

Now, I personally don't understand the reason for the name change from Horizon Awards to CJYou Awards. I thought that CJ had some good branding going with the original name, but that's just one woman's opinion.

I didn't attend CJU this year because it started the day after my 60-mile breast cancer walk and a couple of days before BlogWorld. As I didn't receive a press pass for it, I decided to spend a couple of days home with my family and head off to BlogWorld instead.

That being said, I don't have pictures to share with you nor will their be any coverage of the event in the next FeedFront Magazine.

You can however get more information on the 2008 CJYou award winners, by going to