the daily buzz

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When Ashley of Izea asked me to do a segment on blogging with Ted Murphy, on The Daily Buzz, I immediately said yes.

Given the fact that the last time I was on TV, I was opening up a “Snake Can” on Wonderama (yeah, I know — I just totally dated myself),  I figured this would be a good way for my parents to get a better understanding of what I do for a living.

Mike and Irene (my parents) definitely have a difficult time wrapping their arms around internet marketing.  So, it's been an ongoing exercise in frustration for me to explain to them that just because I didn't become that CPA, Doctor or Lawyer that they wished for, that it's OK.

One of the selfish reasons why I was thrilled that my business partner, Shawn Collins and I launched FeedFront Magazine last year was that I knew I could now send something to my parents that was tangible — something they could touch and feel and most importantly, show their friends.

I was right, in classic Mike and Irene fashion, they called me the day they received their very first issue.   The voicemail went something like this…  “Missy, we are so proud of you.  We love your magazine and read it cover to cover.  Even though we don't understand half of what this stuff is saying, we can't wait to show our friends tomorrow during breakfast.  By the way, did you know you had four typos in this issue?”

So Mom and Dad — this is for you.  Although The Daily Buzz is national, it's not in New Jersey so I didn't bother telling you about it.

Watch it and go kvell.

PS — I love you both 😉

Below are some pictures that Ashley took of the entire experience.