April 2015

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Mobile marketing is unarguably growing. According to a Salesforce Marketing Cloud study, 46 percent of marketers worldwide used some sort of mobile marketing tactic last year — that’s up from 23 percent in 2013.

Seventy percent of the marketers involved said that mobile marketing was critical to success.

Mobile Marketing and Customer Loyalty

Loyalty programs are the most popular type of mobile campaigns and they rank No. 1 in mobile marketing effectiveness according to eMarketer. Loyalty apps have also emerged during the mobile marketing trend.

Big brands like Starbucks and 7-Eleven have created apps that track customers’ activity and offer rewards. 451 Research found that 37 percent of mobile users had a loyalty app on their phone.

Here are three creative ways to gain customer loyalty using mobile marketing: [click to continue…]

We are expecting around 5,000 affiliate marketers at Affiliate Summit East 2015, taking place August 2-4, 2015 at the New York Marriott Marquis, and a whole bunch of those people will be going for free.

7 Ways to Get a Free Pass to Affiliate Summit East 2015

There are 7 ways to get a free pass to Affiliate Summit East 2015, and since you’re surely a loyal reader of the Affiliate Summit blog, you already know about them.

But I’ll list them all here anyway. [click to continue…]

A good business is a data-driven business (at least according to data-driven management practices).

Your marketing strategies, operational procedures and labor recruitment should all be based on carefully collected and analyzed data.

Given this premise, your data is your most valuable asset and losing it could cost you your business.

Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Data Disaster?




Is your small business prepared for a data disaster? Here is some info that can help you identify potential issues.


The more "visible" your business is, the greater a target it is for hackers.

This is a lesson that Sony recently learned the hard way when North Korea allegedly gained access to its private emails and data and released them to the world. The security breach before the release of the movie "The Interview" resulted in a media circus for the company and a major threat for the FBI and Homeland Security to contend with. [click to continue…]