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Gain Customer Loyalty Using Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing is unarguably growing. According to a Salesforce Marketing Cloud study, 46 percent of marketers worldwide used some sort of mobile marketing tactic last year — that’s up from 23 percent in 2013.

Seventy percent of the marketers involved said that mobile marketing was critical to success.

Mobile Marketing and Customer Loyalty

Loyalty programs are the most popular type of mobile campaigns and they rank No. 1 in mobile marketing effectiveness according to eMarketer. Loyalty apps have also emerged during the mobile marketing trend.

Big brands like Starbucks and 7-Eleven have created apps that track customers’ activity and offer rewards. 451 Research found that 37 percent of mobile users had a loyalty app on their phone.

Here are three creative ways to gain customer loyalty using mobile marketing:

1. Gain Loyalty With Apps

Developing an app is a smart way to gain new customers and build customer loyalty. SevenTablets, a B2B marketing company, recommends keeping three tips in mind to drive consumer loyalty: make it personal, incorporate valuable features and benefits, and provide customer service. SevenTablets suggests using these tips throughout the app building process.

  • Personalized apps: Make the app personal by keeping track of a consumer’s spending patterns or sending targeted specials to certain customers in specific demographics or regions. This will help to create a relationship between your brand and the consumer. A personalized experience on the app will make consumers feel a connection to your brand.
  • Valuable features: It is key to incorporate valuable features. From making a task more accessible or gamifying certain elements of the app, the features of the application will keep the consumer coming back for more.
  • Customer service: It’s important to build an app that functions without glitches or other bugs. However, technology is temperamental and it’s best to prepare for the unexpected. Make sure that your customers have access to a team of customer service reps via the app. Satisfied customers who get their problems fixed in a timely manner are generally the most loyal to a brand.

2. Earn Trust with a Blog

A blog can be critical to your success. Blogs are a great way to introduce yourself and drive interest to your product or service. And optimizing your blog with responsive design for mobile readers is important.

Google is shaking things up again. In a recent statement, Google announced that their ranking will depend on a site’s mobile friendliness. That includes the optimization of your website, landing pages and blog. You can test your website’s mobile friendliness for different types of smartphones like the new Galaxy S 6 by using Google’s tool. The new Google algorithm is rolled out in April 2015.

3. Go Social

According to Social Media Examiner, users are spending more time on mobile devices than their desktops. In fact, Pinterest has a mobile usage rate of 92 percent, Twitter users are 86 percent mobile and 68 percent of Facebook users access the social site via mobile devices.

By creating valuable page content and using calls to action in your social media messages, you can gain customer engagement and loyalty. But, don’t overload your consumers. Many mobile users have push notifications enabled, and too many posts can risk customer disengagement. But, if you don't push enough, the consumer will have no connection to your business. So, choose which social posts to promote wisely because you don’t want your customers to opt of your social feeds.

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