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Dealing with an Advertiser’s Landing Page Changes – By Ian Fernando

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Affiliate marketing is an industry that keeps changing. It is imperative that you keep on top of what is going on as it can greatly impact your business.

One such change that happens often on the CPA side of the industry is the constant modifications to advertiser’s landing pages. These types of alterations can damage your business, especially after the affiliate properly targeted and optimized their jump page variables to make the offer convert.

The worst part is that in all probability, the affiliate will never get notified by the advertiser or the affiliate network that they are working with. It is very likely that the affiliate will find out simply by noticing a drop in conversions. Unfortunately, by that point, it comes with a loss of income.

Luckily there are some sites out there that will help you be proactive with a problem such as this.

InternetOwl.com is a desktop application. You simply tell it which Web page to watch and it will check for changes periodically. If it detects a change either by HTML or text, Internet Owl will send you an email when the page changes.

The best part about this desktop application is when Internet Owl finds some changes, it can display the changes for you to see.

ChangeDetection.com is a Web-based service which also detects changes and sends you a notification via email. Change Detection creates a log for the page or in this case, the affiliate offer. When it detects a change, it notifies you.

Change Detection currently only monitors text changes and not HTML changes. For example, if an image has changed, you are not notified of the image change – only the change in the body of the text.

While these services have been around for a while, they are definitely being underutilized by affiliates.

Keeping on top of your offers and campaigns can be the best thing you can do if the network or advertiser does not detect it first.

Ian Fernando is the Founder of IANternet Media LLC and Blogger/Affiliate Marketer at IanFernando.com.

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