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ShareASale Shares: Pay-Per-Call Pays

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In an interview in January, Brian Littleton of ShareASale hailed pay-per-call as a “huge opportunity” that would be big for a lot of people this year.  Missy Ward also predicted the same in her blog post at the end of 2009.

Are they right?

Matt McWilliams, award-winning affiliate manager for Legacy Learning Systems definitely agrees. Matt offers pay-per-call to Legacy’s affiliates on the ShareASale platform, which is powered by RingRevenue. Recently he shared his successes with us for a case study, and even we were impressed.

It makes sense.

Legacy’s prospective customers read a lot of reviews, searching for advice or more information about Legacy’s educational DVDs. And while some of us might go ahead and click “buy” on those guitar lesson discs, others want to consult with someone, ask questions, dig a little deeper.

And that’s just what Legacy has been seeing: Matt told us they got 200 calls in their first 30 days with the platform. Every one of the calls that qualified for an affiliate commission converted to a sale. They’ve seen other great benefits as well, including new activity from affiliates who hadn’t previously been active, and a lift in sales both online and off.

For more information on building your business with ShareASale’s pay-per-call platform, visit www.shareasale.com/paypercall.


Robert Duva is the co-founder and CMO of RingRevenue. Visit www.RingRevenue.com to learn more about pay-per-call or ask your affiliate network about their pay-per-call services.

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