March 2008

Disclosure: If I'm not making money through affiliate links on the post you're currently reading, it's an oversight on my part and will be corrected soon.

Jim Kukral – Blogger, Online Marketing Guru, Entrepreneur and Geek Extraordinaire is now on, telling the world what he likes and what he doesn’t through video testimonials. And, he’s getting paid $50 bucks a pop for them.

Don't you want to get paid for giving your opinions? Watch the video and learn what it takes to be just like Jim Kukral.

The Loose Rules on Submitting Video to

• 1 to 2-minute consumer generated video reviews that discuss the features and benefits of the product or service along with the reasons why you are endorsing it.
• Video must display the Weviews URL and product name throughout your video. For instance, if you were reviewing an Asus EEE, you would display throughout your video.
• The video must be transcribed (spell checked and grammatically correct, please).
• The product or service must be available for purchase online through a merchant with an affiliate program.

Any other questions? E-me at missyward at gmail dot com.

I was digging in the way back machine for some pictures today so that I can update my blog headers, when it hit me how many of us have changed since the first Affiliate Summit, back in 2003.

Lots of different hair styles (especially in my case), some weight gains and losses, changes in significant others, etc. It was also kind of interesting to see some folks sporting different logo wear from the various companies they have worked for as well.

I guess the coolest thing about digging up these photos is that I've realized that although many of us have gone through physical changes, job changes, etc., we're all really still the same people. I remain friends with just about everyone that I met when I first got into this industry. Anyway — enough of the drivel.

Here are links to all of the Affiliate Summit's since 2003. I hope you enjoy seeing them again, as much as I did.

1.) Affiliate Summit 2003 – Baruch College, NYC
2.) Affiliate Summit 2004 – The Cruise to Halifax
3.) Affiliate Summit 2005 – The Riviera, Las Vegas
4.) Affiliate Summit 2006 West – Bally's Las Vegas
5.) Affiliate Summit 2006 East – Hilton at Disney, Orlando
6.) Affiliate Summit 2007 West – Bally's, Las Vegas
7.) Affiliate Summit 2007 East – Intercontinental, Miami
8.) Affiliate Summit UK – Olympia Conference Center, London
9.) Affiliate Summit 2008 West – Rio All Suites, Las Vegas

I happened upon Lisa Picarille's post, Videoblogging: Is it a Man’s World? and I have to tell you, it hit home.

“But what about the affiliate marketing space where there are a lot of super smart and successful women? Why aren’t they using video like their male counterparts? It’s a touchy issue to go into but I think it’s about looks. The majority of us fall are average looking and not in the supermodel range.

But for women, I think doing a video is all about vanity. I don’t want to generalize, but more often than not, women want to look our best on video and let’s face it – that can take some work. There’s doing our hair, putting on makeup and finding the perfect outfit. You guys just push record and go. Or put on a baseball cap (yes, you Mr. Collins).”

Lisa, you are absolutely right. I usually arrive at my desk at 10:00am, straight from the gym and the truth is, it's not a pretty picture. There are days when I don't even make it into the shower until mid-afternoon because I'm so busy. The last thing I want to do is be seen by my UPS guy when he rings the bell, let alone do a video for public consumption.

My buddy, Jim Kukral chimed in with his thoughts:

“The beauty of all this is that I work even harder because I know that online video is dominated by women with good shows and I am not a 115 pound blonde. So I have to strive to be more entertaining, have better content and do a better job.”

And within Jim's words, I found liberation from my pretension. I'm just going to go for it — burn my vanity bra, if you will.  

So with that being said, here's my first video, sans enhancements.  It's a video response to Lisa Picarille's post, thanking her for opening my eyes.

Like, it or don't like it.  It's just video and you don't have to watch 😉