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I happened upon Lisa Picarille's post, Videoblogging: Is it a Man’s World? and I have to tell you, it hit home.

“But what about the affiliate marketing space where there are a lot of super smart and successful women? Why aren’t they using video like their male counterparts? It’s a touchy issue to go into but I think it’s about looks. The majority of us fall are average looking and not in the supermodel range.

But for women, I think doing a video is all about vanity. I don’t want to generalize, but more often than not, women want to look our best on video and let’s face it – that can take some work. There’s doing our hair, putting on makeup and finding the perfect outfit. You guys just push record and go. Or put on a baseball cap (yes, you Mr. Collins).”

Lisa, you are absolutely right. I usually arrive at my desk at 10:00am, straight from the gym and the truth is, it's not a pretty picture. There are days when I don't even make it into the shower until mid-afternoon because I'm so busy. The last thing I want to do is be seen by my UPS guy when he rings the bell, let alone do a video for public consumption.

My buddy, Jim Kukral chimed in with his thoughts:

“The beauty of all this is that I work even harder because I know that online video is dominated by women with good shows and I am not a 115 pound blonde. So I have to strive to be more entertaining, have better content and do a better job.”

And within Jim's words, I found liberation from my pretension. I'm just going to go for it — burn my vanity bra, if you will.  

So with that being said, here's my first video, sans enhancements.  It's a video response to Lisa Picarille's post, thanking her for opening my eyes.

Like, it or don't like it.  It's just video and you don't have to watch 😉

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