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Affiliate Summit Mentor Program is now the Newcomer Program

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Over the past few years a number of fantastic volunteers have stepped up to help first time attendees find their way around Affiliate Summit conferences. Throughout the process there have been invaluable experiences and connections made.

Consistently, participants have come to me sharing their stories and gratitude for the program. Great connected have started through this program, both for business as well as lasting friendships. Yet through all the positive feedback there has been a reoccurring problem… “mentor” implies to many that there is training or consulting involved. Mentees expected business coaching and mentors were stuck in the position of wanting to help but not being able to help as much as their first timer might hope.

So as a way to help alleviate this problem, we’ve taken out the word mentor. Same great program, with hopefully a clearer perspective of purpose.

Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program

The Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program is provided to help first time attendees gain a better understanding of what to expect when attending the conference. The volunteers offer their time and past experience knowledge to help newcomers optimize their time at the event.

I hope you’ll join us for another great event!

If you’d like to participate as a volunteer or you are planning on attending the show for the first time, signup for the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program today!

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