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Free Your Feet; Liberate Your Soles! (And Maybe Win an iPad)

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For those that know me well, you know that I'm seldom ever seen in public without at least being 5′ 9″ tall (and typically closer to 5′ 11″).

Truth be known, I'm barely 5′ 5″ tall and I have an *extreme* shoe obsession, which encompasses all types of beauties in a plethora of heel heights and shapes.

Many women (and men) are quite curious how I manage to spend countless hours on my feet, walking trade show floors during the day and partying it up at night, without shedding one tear. My guess is that after wearing heels for decades, one just gets used to them.

A couple months ago during a conference, Hagai Yardeny, a partner in DigitalMoses.com and a dear friend of mine, tried hard to convince me to ditch the heels and pop on a pair of Chuck's with my suit. ( I'm convinced it's one of those freaky fetish things with him.) While I was not complaining one bit about my feet, my Manolo Blahnik Caged Strappy Sandals, seemed to bother him immensely and together, we began to watch the other women in the conference drag by, crippled in pain from their shoes.

We both agreed that there seemed to be a double-standard when it comes attire at conferences.  Women typically show up in smart business attire and heels, while our male counterparts tend to dress much more casually and  cruise on by in comfy, rubber soles.

So, determined to impart his belief that “fashion is overrated” onto women in our industry, Hagai created the Chucks Challenge — a way for women to embrace their inner “techniness” and join the comfort movement.

Missy Ward wearing Chuck Taylors

His goal is to get the women of ad:tech to abandon convention and wear Chuck Taylor sneakers for the duration of the conference, to be as comfortable as the guys — if only for a few days.

The Digital Moses team will be walking around ad:tech photographing all the ladies bold enough to accept the Chucks Challenge. From this crop of adventurous women, they will randomly select 3 lucky winners who will receive one of the following prizes:

Think you have what it takes to enter the Chucks Challenge?.

Head on over to http://www.dmconfidential.com/ChucksChallenge/ and complete the entry form.

Will I be wearing my Chuck's during ad:tech?  Let me know what you think.

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