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11 Industry Blogs You Should Be Following

by Missy Ward in Affiliate Marketing  

11 Industry Blogs You Should Be FollowingAs an entrepreneur, your appetite for knowledge is practically insatiable. But with so many resources to choose from, how do you identify those that are most useful?

Here are 11 industry blogs you should be following to help you expand your knowledge:


Want to be in the know with regards to the latest in tech and startups? Be sure to follow TechCrunch for a plethora of content, videos, information on exciting events, plus the latest on innovative technology from Europe and Asia.

Mashable Business

From business and social media to entertainment, Mashable has you covered. Each post is infused with a dose of comedy that engages readers, lightens the mood and keeps you abreast of what's happening in the world of digital media; including coverage of controversial topics.

Fast Company

This blog features informative and useful content on tech, design, creativity and innovation that practically every entrepreneur could benefit from. Fast Company also has feeds that highlight trending topics and current events if you're crunched for time, and in search of the most compelling stories of the day.

Quick Sprout

If you're looking for ways to bring in herds of traffic, the Quick Sprout blog has you covered. Created by Neil Patel, co-founder of KISSmetrics, Quick Sprout's blog shares specific tactics you can use to garner the attention your business needs to boost online engagement and increase conversion rates.


Unless you plan to rely solely on a copywriter to draft up the content needed to get more eyeballs on your site, you'll want to follow Copyblogger. This blog is chock-full of tips on how to boost sales by developing (and executing) a content marketing strategy that will draw prospects in.


No matter your industry, online scams, data breaches and cyber attacks are a big deal. No company wants to be the one it happens to either. LifeLock prides itself on helping customers protect both their personal identity and the business identity they've worked hard to preserve. Their site contains blog posts covering an array of topics, including cybercrime, fraud and specific tips on how to protect yourself from identity theft.

Social Media Examiner

It's easy to get overwhelmed and drown in the social media sea, but the Social Media Examiner blog helps you navigate the crowded waters and find your way. In fact, if you're a business that's on social media, their content about the various platforms contains extremely useful tips you should implement sooner than later to increase online engagement.

Zen Habits

Practically every entrepreneur across the board is searching for ways to rearrange their schedule to be more productive. If you fall into this category, look no further as Zen Habits is loaded with productivity hacks that can transform your life along with the way you do business.


Hailed as another one of Neil Patel's thought-provoking masterpieces, KISSmetrics shares content on branding, marketing, copywriting, blogging, social media and several other business-related topics on their blog.  They also feature posts containing statistics from industry research, surveys and studies to support assertions made in the content or to illustrate key points.


Even the most seasoned marketers can benefit from the content provided on HubSpot. The blog is divided into three distinct sections, marketing, sales, and agency, so you can sift through posts on the topics you're most interested in.


If you desire to take your company’s blog to the next level, you should definitely be following ProBlogger. This site offers specific tips you can implement into your blogging strategy and accompanying posts to build a better blog in no time.

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Missy Ward

Co-Founder & President at Affiliate Summit, Inc.
Missy Ward has been in affiliate marketing since 1999. She is the Co-Founder of Affiliate Summit, FeedFront Magazine, GeekCast.fm, Founder of AffiliateMarketersGiveBack.com and manages many of her own affiliate sites. If she's not making money through affiliate links on the post you're currently reading, it's an oversight on her part and it will be corrected soon.

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