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20 WordPress Plugins that Marketers Can’t Live Without

by Missy Ward in Affiliate Marketing   &  ,   24 Comments

Affiliate Marketing WordPress PluginsRecently, in a forum thread some of the affiliate marketer members discussed their favorite WordPress plugins that had been the most effective for them.

Based in part on the conversations that took place on this forum, we were able to put together a list of the top 20 plugins that marketers cannot live without. Whether you use one or all twenty of these, they will, in most cases, give your WordPress sites the extra boost that they deserve.

1. Exec-PHP
By using shortcodes, this plugin executes all of the reusable PHP code that is on your page. It allows you to organize, test, and and reuse all of your PHP code including that code in posts and widgets.

2. Google Analyticator
With this plugin, your site gets the JavaScript that it needs to enable Google Analytics logging. It also contains widgets that allow you to display Analytics data in the admin and on your blog.

3. Pretty Link
Pretty Link lets you display links how you want them to look. You create the look of each link and can even use your own domain name while Pretty Link tracks the stats behind the hits on each link.

4. WP-Polls
This is the ideal plugin for anyone who wants to have a poll on their site.

5. phpBay Lite
If you rely on Ebay for any of your business, this plugin will help you to maximize every aspect of targeting Ebay traffic.

6. Facebook Like Thumbnail
When Facebook changed their like button so that it acted more like a share button, they also changed how they displayed the thumbnails. Now, you can control the thumbnails that people see just the way that you want to.

7. Subscribe to Comments
With this plugin, you give your readers control over which comments, which posts and which notifications they want to receive emails about.

8. W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache improves the performance of your server so that your readers get a better experience. The plugin relies on tools like caching and content delivery network integration and support.

9. WordPress SEO by Yoast
If you are ready to optimize your site’s SEO, this is the most complete plugin for the job. It optimizes everything from the page’s content to its images to its meta descriptions and more. (My favorite plugin!)

10. ManageWP
If you have more than one site, this is the tool that will keep them easily organized and accessible.

11. Gravity Forms
This allows you to create, build, and make live your WordPress forms easily in minutes. Its built-in tools allow you to configure your choices and embed your forms easily.

12. Dynamic Widgets
You make a few selections about when and where you want your widgets to appear, and this plugin makes sure that your widgets are only where you want them to be.

13. GD Star Rating
Now, you can let your readers rate and review your articles with this plugin that includes optional sidebar widgets that allow you to display stats created by this plugin.

14. Duplicate Post
With Duplicate Post, you can clone any page and make it into a completely new draft.

15. Intense Debate
Make the most of the comments and conversation on your site with this plugin that includes easy moderating tools, tools to integrate the conversation with sites like Twitter, and much more.

16. Microdata for SEO
This installs a button that allows you to create a Microdata Code within your post or page.

17. Simple Social Plugin
The icons that come with this plugin allow your readers to share your content on Twitter or Facebook with the touch of a single button.

18. WordPress Database Backup
As the name suggests, you can back up all of your data with this plugin.

19. WPTouch Pro
You can create unique sites for mobile browsing with this plugin.

20. Use Google Libraries
You can take some pressure off your server and increase your chance that someone has cached your files with this plugin that is linked to Google’s AJAX Libraries API.

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