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4 Tips for Finding Work-Life Balance 

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In today's busy world that's filled with smartphones and distractions, it can be tough to take a true break from work. It can be even more chaotic when you're a busy mom. You're caring for other people in addition to meeting your own needs.

Work-Life Balance Tips

But with the right tools and attitude, it's possible to strike a healthy work-life balance that allows you to live a better life. Here are some tips on how to do it:

Time Management

Make the most of your time by making a list of your top priorities, and then create a schedule with time allotted for everything. Maybe you have one day per week where you don't take any meetings so you can get more done at the office. Or you could book one exercise class before you head home from work to help clear your head after a long day.

Cut back on multitasking. Instead of trying to finish four things at once, try just knocking out one at a time. Maybe this means you devote one hour each morning to checking email. Make a rule to not check email after you've left your desk. Decide what boundaries you want to draw and enforce them. Your work and home life will be better for it.

Make Time For Yourself

If you're always worrying about others, it's easy to let your own priorities fall by the wayside. If this has been happening, and you'd like to make it better, consider scheduling time for yourself into your day. Take a sick day and use it to get all of your annual doctors appointments done. When you're finished hitting up all the doctors, treat yourself to a spa appointment. Or take a personal day and spend it laying around your house, doing whatever you please. If you can't afford the time away from work, you could try taking a 15-minute walk around your neighborhood every day to help clear your mind.

Find a Workplace With Great Culture

One of the biggest factors in how happy you are is how you feel about your job. If you're looking for a new gig, search for a company with values that align with your own. If you've been searching for a workplace that values its employees and understands how busy life can be for working parents, consider working for LifeLock. The company offers a variety of positions that is ideal for busy parents looking for a better work-life balance.

Have a Strong Support Network

Those who have better work-life balance tend to have a strong network they can rely on, according to Fast Company. If you're new to a city and don't know a lot of people, consider joining a few networking groups or clubs to branch out and meet others. These groups can include professional and non-professional contacts. You might rely on your professional network to help you reach career goals. Your personal network can help you unwind, de-stress and just enjoy your life more.

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