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6 Ways to Produce New Leads with Your Website/Blog

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6 Ways to Produce New Leads with Your Website or BlogAn integral part of a business's viability is reflected in its website and blog. With so many potential consumers to target, companies need to broaden its reach online to strengthen its marketing campaigns and grow revenue.

Here are six ways to produce new leads using your company website or blog:

Target Your Traffic

How are you generating traffic for your website? Are you targeting the right audience? These are key questions you must answer to determine if your website is even reaching the appropriate population for your product or service.

In order to maximize your lead potential, you need to cultivate an understanding of your audience and craft your message to direct it to this population. Otherwise, your product or services will fall into a black hole.

Searches, direct traffic and referrals possess the most potential for determining who is visiting your website. Concentrating on the audience in these segments will help establish how to craft your online marketing strategy. To analyze your traffic trends, use a web analtyics tool like Google Analtyics or StatCounter, to monitor activity in real time.

Improve Your Visibility Through Social Media

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are important vehicles to utilize traffic and generate leads. Since social media sites are popular with a vast audience, you can create business pages or groups to garner more exposure for your company. Make sure that you integrate email sign up forms or links to your email signup so that you can market to those folks that are interested in your product or service.

Build Your Website With Visual Images

A key to making a website user-friendly is how a person can navigate the various resources and pages on the website. Consumers respond to sharp visual images that are appropriately pasted on a website. A great resource to consider developing your website is Skillfeed. With tutorials that are simple to navigate, you can learn how to upgrade your website with minimal costs. There are thousands of videos in there from knowledgable individuals that provide tips on Photography, Photo Editing, Graphic Design, Project Managemnt etc.

Create Content That People Value

A visually appealing website is important in generating leads, but the content needs to match the presentation. Creating relevant and unique content that is easy to understand will keep people engaged. Assess which pages get the most views on your website and develop these pages. Keep contact information visibly displayed, explain exactly what your product or service does and how it will benefit the consumer and immediately respond to any potential requests or questions about what you are offering. Customer service is also integral in maintaining leads and bolstering new business. Adding a blog is also an option to add to your website and may generate conversations with consumers.

Utilize Your Form to Generate Leads

Make certain that your form is easily accessible from your home page so prospective consumers do not need to hunt for it. When devising your form, incorporate an offer that entices people to fill out their information. A pitch that is short and to the point is the best way to create a viable lead. To get help with devising your form, consider Formsite, an online aid that will help you create forms and surveys. Once your form is completed, test it by hitting submit to determine if the link is broken. You don't want to lose potential business due to a website glitch.

Add a CTA

Your website may have all the visual elements that make it aesthetically pleasing to the consumer, but if there are no prompts to generate interested parties toward the form page then this business will be directed elsewhere. Your homepage, sidebar, contact page, about us page and the end of each blog post should allow consumers to click directly to your form page. Website visitors need to locate the form page with some ease.

Trying to generate leads for your website is not a difficult task. With proper visual images and targeting the right audience, you can generate business and revenue for your product or service.

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