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Hulk Hogan and Hostamania at Affiliate Summit West 2014, Brother!

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Last year, Hulk Hogan got back in the ring (with Tech Assets, Inc. in his corner) to bring Hostamania to the world.

This past week, the Hulk and the Hostamania crew exhibited at Affiliate Summit West 2014.

About Hostamania.com

To me, Hulk defines wrestling.  His over-the-top persona was responsible for me noticing the WWF (now WWE) even existed, back in the 80's.

But, while I needed no introduction the Hulkster, I did need to do some research on Tech Assets, Inc., as I was unfamiliar with their brand.

I had no idea that they've been in the hosting business since 1997 when they launched their first hosting brand, Jumpline.

As of 2013, they have 11 brands that offer low-cost, top-tier web hosting solutions.

Hulk Hogan and Hostamania at Affiliate Summit West 2014

Missy Ward's husband, Beaudon Spaulding as Hulk Hogan during RAW in OrlandoWhen I heard that Hulk was going to be at Affiliate Summit West 2014, I gotta tell ya… I was stoked!

As a total fan-girl myself, raising two boys who love WWE (they're huge John Cena fans) and admiring my husband who dresses up like Hulk Hogan (that's him to the left) when he takes the kids RAW and WLive events; I knew that I could totally boost my street cred with my sons if I got a picture with the Hulkster.

Right after our keynote ended, I made a bee-line to the exhibit hall to do just that. What I saw, blew my mind. There was a ginormous line already formed to take photos with Hulk at the Hostamania booth.

Luckily, Amy and Colleen (who work for me at Affiliate Summit) were next in line to meet him, so Shawn and I jumped into their photo with Hulk Hogan.

Hulk also autographed two photos for my boys. When I gave Hulk's photo to my son last night, the expression on his face was priceless. Between seeing me in the photo with Hulk and the signed autograph, I was officially the world's coolest mother.

Here's a little video of Hulk at the Hostamania booth at Affiliate Summit West 2014.

Hostamania = Smart Marketing

Besides getting to see Hulk Hogan in person, here's why I think that this whole Hostamania hoopla was awesome.

At the end of the day, web hosting companies for the most part, are similar in nature. The crucial factors involved with being a good hosting company are 1)offer competent support by folks who understand that most of us do not speak “tech”, 2) keep pricing competitive and 3) make sure the user process is easy to understand and fast to set up.

The web hosting companies that stand out are the ones that not only understand those three crucial factors, but are also smart marketers.

Let's face it, being able to generate significant buzz around a boring topic, isn't easy. Who better than Hulk Hogan, to do just that? After all, he already knows how to be an attention grabber (see paragraph 2) and is an expert when it comes to developing loyal fans that span generations.

Having Hulk at the Hostamania booth at Affiliate Summit West 2014 was smart marketing as well.

Hundreds of folks stood in line to take their picture with him which they immediately shared socially; they all received signed autographs (something that they will all keep) that had the Hostamania affiliate offering on the back of it; every person's badge was scanned so that the Hostamania folks can follow up with them after the show and yes, affiliates have joined their program (myself included).

It was a great showing of creativity, with a huge dose of energy — all perfect for the Affiliate Summit attendees and the affiliate marketing industry overall.

Hostamania Offers 6 Months Free Hosting

Hostamania offers hosting starting at $7.95 per month for their Mini package up to $14.95 per month for their Pro package. In addition, for a limited-time, they are also offering a 6-Months Free Hosting package. The $0 setup fee, cancel anytime package is good if through January 31st and you must use Coupon Code: CHAMPION”.

I've not used Hostamania before but I'm definitely willing to give them a try with this offer.


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