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Maryland affiliates can breathe a little easier today as Senate Bill 1071 didn't make it out of committee before the Session ended last night.

A big w00t goes out to all of the affiliate marketers and Lobbyists that worked on the crusade.

Although the bill will likely make a comeback during the next session, we now have the luxury of time on our side to focus on contacting Maryland's Representatives and Senators to make sure they understand the ramifications of passing this type of legislation.

But, NOW is the time to concentrate our efforts on Connecticut's SB 806 (which is ready to be debated in the Senate as early as today) and and Minnesota's SF 282 (scheduled for the Committee on Taxes on April 16th)

It's so important to get in touch with these state's representatives to let them know that they will be putting thousands of small businesses that are in the affiliate marketing industry, out of business should this type of legislation pass.

The Performance Marketing Association has created templated correspondence to contend with Connecticut making it easy for you to contact the representatives. That information can be found here

Below is the person you should contact regarding Minnesota's SF282:
Senator Thomas M. Bakk – the sponsor of SF282
Email Form

In your conversations with these representatives make sure that you let them know that similar efforts regarding nexus have been quelled in Virginia, Hawaii and now Maryland!

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