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Mobile Apps for SMBsSome entrepreneurs new to the small business world find themselves working weekends and even taking personal pay cuts to get their business off of the ground.

If you had a set of tools to make managing a small business easier, wouldn’t you use them?

Well with a guess what: You’ve had access to them all along. Check out these top mobile apps for SMBs that can make the startup life a lot easier:

Mobile Payroll & Small Business Advice with SurePayroll

The free mobile payroll app from SurePayroll is an Innovation Award winner and was named Small Business Trends' Must-Have iPhone App.

Compatible on both iOS and Android devices the SurePayroll app allows small business owners to run their payroll system from any location. Business owners can review previous payroll summary reports and preview payment methods as well as enter deductions, earnings, hours worked and benefits via the app.

SurePayroll also offers Mobile Paycheck for employees to securely view all of their paychecks on their mobile devices 24/7.

Even if you don't use this app, check out the slew of small business advice on The Payroll Blog.

Take Notes with Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking app that is used by more than 16,000 companies. Users can collaborate in one workspace to brainstorm, develop and even launch projects with digital notebooks. Sharing ideas and knowledge with the Evernote platform makes presenting ideas in meetings possible without creating slides. Evernote features TLS/SSL encryption as well as a two-step verification, ensuring that your ideas and information are protected.

Evernote for business costs just $10 per month and is compatible with all operating systems.

Share Documents with Dropbox

There’s no need for clunky filing cabinets and document storage systems in the office. The file-sharing app Dropbox allows professionals to share files like Word and Excel documents to Photoshop and Acrobat projects across multiple devices including Android, Windows, Mac, iOS and Linux. Dropbox offers strong encryption with single sign-on and two-step verification. More than 300,000 apps are compatible with Dropbox including popular business apps like Microsoft Office, Asana, DocuSign and WebEx, so getting your team in sync is easier than ever.

Dropbox offers a free trial, however, monthly subscriptions start at $15/user.

Manage Time with 30/30

Named one of the 100 best apps for iOS by Tap magazine, the task manager app 30/30 is helping professionals work productively, free from distraction. The idea is simple: work on a project for 30 minutes; take a break for 30 minutes. However, for many working professionals, 30 minutes of break time may seem unrealistic. The app makes it easier for users to manage their time constraints for work and for play. Designate as much time as you see fit to work on a certain project and give yourself a break after the task is completed.

According to Binary Hammer, the app’s developer, taking a break after you’ve encountered a hard to solve problem, can promote new ideas. The easy-to-use-app features an interface that gives users subtle reminders when it is time to begin a new task. Each task is assigned a color and when the color on the screen changes, it is time to change tasks.

The free 30/30 task manager app is available via the App Store.

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