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New AskMissyWard.com Question: What WordPress Theme Do You Recommend for Newbie Affiliate Marketers?

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Today's AskMissyWard.com affiliate marketing question comes from Chris Gar who asks:

“What WordPress template would you recommend for a new affiliate that allows it to be used for multiple sites and includes all the bells and whistles like seo opt, and all of the social media links, etc. I'm not necessarily looking for a free template, just a good one.
Thank you.”

Hey Chris,

There's only one solution that will fit your needs that I wholeheartedly recommend and that is Thesis For WordPress, by DIYThemes.

Now, that being said, I must disclose that I used to oversee their affiliate program for charity. However, before I worked for them, I was an extremely satisfied customer and recommended the Thesis for WordPress theme, to anyone who was in the same boat as you. I currently use Thesis Theme on MissyWard.com, FeedFront.com and GeekCast.fm.

The main reason why I am a happy Thesis for WordPress user resides in the fact that while I know enough about designing, coding and SEO to be dangerous, any tool that can help me spend less time doing this kind of stuff and let me concentrate on marketing, is a godsend.

The skillfully-coded HTML + CSS + PHP framework that Thesis for WordPress runs on makes optimizing each page of your site for the search engines, super easy.

Here is a video showing how easy it is to control every page of your site using Thesis for WordPress:

The Thesis option panels also allow you to make design changes very easily. Whether you're looking for a 1, 3 or 3-column option, you can test out tons of different layout and font options with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Most recently, Thesis 1.8 was released boasting new design controls making it even easier to construct your site exactly the way you want it. Here is a quick video showing how simple it is to design a site using Thesis.

Most importantly, the support staff is terrific and always there in a pinch if you get stuck on something. Additionally, there are dozens upon dozens of Thesis for WordPress users that post tutorials on how they've made things happen on their blogs. Couple this with the video tutorials that the DIYThemes staff creates and you'll find that the learning curve for using Thesis is fairly small.

There are two options for purchasing Thesis For WordPress. First, there is a Personal Copy which is only $87. This will allow you to use Thesis on one website. Based on your question though, it looks like you're wanting to use it on multiple websites, so I'd recommend that you pick up the Develolper's License which will allow you to use Thesis on as many sites as you want. This option is only $164.

I hope this helped you with our decision, but I'm here if you have any other questions.

If you decide to purchase DIYThemes' Thesis for WordPress, please consider using my affiliate link. (Hey, I am an affiliate marketer after all, ya know.) 😉

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