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Thesis: Raising the Bar for WordPress Users

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I spend a good portion of my week talking about the features and benefits of Thesis for WordPress and their affiliate program.

Recently, DIYThemes put out some great videos on Thesis – the most innovative and user-friendly, SEO-optimized WordPress framework available on this great planet of ours.

In the video below, Brian Clark of DIYThemes and Copyblogger discusses why Thesis is more than just a WordPress theme and touches on the SEO benefits, design flexibility and support that users of Thesis receive.

Brian references additional videos that are available to review which can be accessed below:

  • Thesis Options – precise SEO and publishing controls for Internet professionals
  • Design Options – create pixel-perfect layouts, experiment with fonts and much more
  • In-Post Options – maximize rankings and visual appeal with SEO and image controls.
  • If you're on the fence about taking the Thesis plunge; if these videos or my personal endorsement don't make you do it, I'm really not sure what will.

    There is no better WordPress framework out there.

    Get Thesis Now!

    Additionally, as many of you know, I also manage their affiliate program on a performance basis for charity. There is no better time for you to become an affiliate than now. Between the crazy sales of the new 1.5 release, the marketing tools available to you and the promotion for free passes to Affiliate Summit; really, what are you waiting for?

    Hit me up with any questions!

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