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Using Viewbix in your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

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Viewbix - Video Tools for Affiliate MarketersTracking affiliate sales and the full reach from video marketing has been a pain in the neck for affiliates for years. We use urls and annotations on our videos, we try using distribution networks with analytics and some people mention the url during their video. Although this can give you a solid estimate of how many views you had, there's no way to accurately measure the sales that came from your video or really capture customer data and leads.

So when I heard about Viewbix, I had to check it out.

What Viewbix Can Do for Affiliate Marketers

Viewbix is a new video marketing tool that enables you to not only create a customizable skin for your YouTube, Vimeo Pro, Amazon Web Services and other videos, but you can also add in everything from clickable calls to action, newsletter sign ups and a Skype app directly into your video as well as get an entire suite of analytics with your pro account.

Because Viewbix is in HTML 5, Viewbix is able to be seen via mobile devices and virtually all of the functionality of the player remains in tact when your videos are shared on social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Affiliate marketers can accurately measure their reach across social sites as well as begin turning views into conversions because they'll now have the ability to gather email addresses to remarket back to their viewers, view clicks and conversions with analytics across multiple social sites and their embedded videos on their own website and total views per video.

If you're into split testing and measuring what features generate more clicks, sales and views, Viewbix also features an easy to use cloning tool to create hundreds of clones in no time at all. They also offer customizable skins, which is very cool.

Many of the video uploading and sharing sites took away the ability to create custom skins with logos, colors and players. With Viewbix, affiliates can take their videos from those sites and now have a branded player for their site. Not only does this help the videos to look better, but as people notice and recognize your branding, they may click on more of your videos since they know the quality and content will match that of your website. Viewbix allows you to choose custom colors, rounded or squared corners, fonts and with your pro account you can also upload a clickable banner to the top.

You can try Viewbix for free by using the Basic plan or upgrade to a Pro account and have access to all of the advanced features and apps.

Viewbix Screenshots

Viewbix is so easy to use.  Here are some screen shots of the Viewbix process flow using their free version.  You may recognize that girl if you've been around my blog for a while 🙂

Step1: Choose Your Existing Video

Step 2: Customize Colors, Title, Button and Link

Step 3: Choose the Apps You Want to Add to the Player

Step 4: Configure the Apps with Your Information

Step 5: Share or Embed

Easy, right?

Using Viewbix Pro

While Viewbix's free product is awesome in that it allows you to use calls to action in the video, add interactive apps and share it basically everywhere, it does come with a couple of limitations. Viewbix Basic only allows for up to 2 players, 10k impressions per month and only provides integration with their standard Apps.

Viewbix Pro allows you to personalize your players with your logo, choice of fonts, etc.; provides analytics into how your players are being used and shared and offers an expanded library of Apps which will let you further monetize your videos. It also allows up to 100 players and 250k impressions per month.

The price for the Viewbix Pro version is $19.95/month or $199.95/year. I think it's a steal if you're even thinking about monetizing your videos.

Viewbix also offers an Enterprise Version with unlimited players and and additional bells and whistles for the video-marketing-mogul. You'd have to contact them for pricing.

See Viewbix in Action

Check out Viewbix in action on my post here: I Love Coast Original Soap.

Go ahead, give Viewbix a shot on your own and let me know what you think.

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