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BigMouthStrikesAgain.fm – Episode 6: Jen Goode, the Woman Behind the Penguin

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My guest today was Jen Goode, the Founder and Illustrator (the doodler in charge if you will) of JGoode Designs, a company offering unique art featured on apparel, gifts and handmade goodies.

Jen has taken hold of the excitement surrounding new media; combining the fast-paced worlds of print-on-demand, social media and performance marketing, as a means to promote herself and her work.

In this podcast, Jen talks about:

  • Incorporating her “Inspiring smiles every day” motto into her work and family life.
  • The back story of her leap into design and turning it into a lucrative career.
  • How she made the leap from client-focused graphic design to becoming a self-promoted artist offering “doodles on t-shirts” and advice to budding artists who want to make that shift, too.
  • The story behind the Penguin, her most recognized piece and her favorite illustration to date.
  • The things she would have done differently with her career if she received the mighty “do-over”.
  • What she's blogging about on JGoode.com, MomsWhoMakeStuff.com, and her new gig as the “Denver Work-at-Home Moms Examiner“.
  • How she began integrating affiliate marketing and social media as a way to promote art sales.
  • The thing that irks her most these days.
  • The business she would start if Google gave her $5mm for a startup.
  • Why she's the first one to volunteer to help other folks, whether it be with business advice, participating in causes such as AffiliateMarketersGiveBack, heading up the Affiliate Summit Mentor Program and more…
  • His worst habit, super-power that she'd most want, favorite alcoholic beverage (in case someone one wants to buy her one) and more…
  • Now, this is classic Jen…

    She couldn't think of an answer for one of the questions that I had for her on the podcast. But, being the perfectionist that she is, she emailed me her answer, so that no stone is left unturned.

    Missy: What is one thing about you that not many people know, but you'd like more people to know about you.

    Jen: I've created every aspect of my business from the design to the programming to the advertising and marketing and everything in between. I also hand make a number of items associated with my online products/designs which I sell in a retail shop – The only thing I don't do is run my own server to host my sites. What others can do with that info? Hmm.. Remind me I don't need to do it all myself all the time, even when I say I like to. 😀

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