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BigMouthStrikesAgain – Scott Stratten: Putting the “Un” in Marketing

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My guest today was Scott Stratten, President of UnMarketing. He's widely-known for his viral video talents and is the unofficial Mayor of Twitterville.

In this podcast, Scott talks about:

  • His diverse marketing background and what “UnMarketing” is all about.
  • Whether it's possible to market something you could care less about.
  • What Twitter is to him, how he makes use of it and how he finds the time to Tweet as much as he does.
  • Tips on how to grow your Twitter followers
  • What he would do if Twitter ceased operations tomorrow. [Scott nearly has a heart attack during the portion of the show]
  • What he would do differently in business if he was given the power of a Do-Over and the scoop on BuildYourFollowing.com
  • What he finds frustrating about social media today
  • The best and worst of his viral marketing campaigns and tips on how to make a video go viral
  • The TweetAThon he created for 12for12k in which he raised $16,000 for charity in one day

  • Scott was a good sport and answered a ton of personal questions. Find out what he'd do with $5mm start-up capital from Google; his best qualities and worst habits; what he feels more people should know about him and more by listening in to the podcast above.

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