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BigMouthStrikesAgain.fm – Episode 5: Loren Feldman, the Man Behind the Puppets

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My guest today was Loren Feldman, the Founder and President of 1938 Media, which helps companies develop a sound internet strategy and communicate their messages through videos.

Loren's entertaining and sometimes biting videos razzing on the tech industry, (often featuring a puppet or two) have become cult favorites.

In this podcast, Loren talks about:

  • How his former acting, stand-up comedy, and sock-selling career set the stage for his Web 2.0 success.
  • How to make a compelling video and what marketers can do to make their videos better.
  • The commercial videos that 1938 Media produces for their clients and what companies should and shouldn't be doing when it comes to video.
  • What he attributes his social media fame to and some words of wisdom regarding the use of social media in marketing efforts.
  • Where the sock puppet idea came from and why he gets a kick out of making fun of Web 2.0 culture.
  • What he finds frustrating about social media today.
  • The startup he'd create if Microsoft invested $10mm in him.
  • Why he digs Affiliate Marketers.
  • His worst habit, best quality, what he'd change if he was God, the things he'd bring with him if he was abducted by aliens and more…
  • Loren also talks about what he's going to be doing at Affiliate Summit East 2009 and how attendees can hook up with him and Michelle Feldman during the conference.

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