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Using eVoice® to Make Your Small Business Appear More Professional

by Missy Ward in For the Entrepreneur  

This post originally appeared on itsaWAHMthing.com, where I regularly contribute articles about affiliate marketing, productivity and technology tips for small businesses and work at home moms.

As a Mompreneur, you need your company to appear professional and well run, but the typical solutions that larger businesses use are too cumbersome or costly for small businesses to support.

eVoice®  can provide you with the same phone system features and abilities that larger companies take for granted.

Work from anywhere

If all you need is the ability to work from anywhere, eVoice®  has you covered with automatic call forwarding. You can forward calls to any number or even to multiple numbers. The smart forwarding ability in eVoice®  can ring multiple alternate numbers at the same time or ring them sequentially in whatever order you choose.

Receive voicemail any way you choose

When you’re on the go, you may not have time to check voice mail, but eVoice®  solves the problem by turning your voicemail into email that you can read on your PC or mobile device. It can even transcribe the voice message into text if you’re in a location where making a phone call or booting up a PC won’t work.

A quick glance at a few lines of text can help set your mind at ease so you can respond if the message is urgent or set your mind at ease that you can return the call later if it’s not urgent.

Click to call

The subscription includes a “click to call” widget that’s easy to add to your website so prospects can get in touch right away. It’s easy to set hours when you’re unavailable so you don’t get calls in the middle of the night. With click to call, a prospect can reach you with a single click while your business is still top of mind.

Local numbers

One of the hardest things to compete with is a big business’ ability to be in multiple locations. Now you can be in multiple locations too — or at least give that impression. With eVoice® , you can select local numbers or toll free numbers so prospects have the reassuring feeling that you and your team are nearby.

Advanced features

It goes without saying that a professionally recorded attendant answers all your calls, and you can set up menu options that use the same voice too. With the included dial extension by name capabilities, call transfers, speed dialing, conference calls and even web conferencing, you’ve got a fully featured digital phone system that big companies pay big bucks to own. For an extra fee, you can add in call recording, which is helpful for journalists conducting phone interviews or for group meetings so attendees can review the discussion later.

Mobile apps

You can access eVoice®  on iOS, Android or Blackberry devices, as well as a PC. You can manage and review calling history, and access other features right from your phone.
eVoice 30 Day Free Trial

Highly affordable

The entry-level 2-extension pricing is $9.95 per month, and you get 300 monthly minutes. The 3-extension plan includes 500 minutes, and the 5-extension plan offers 1000 minutes. All plans include an overage fee for extra minutes, and the rate for overages varies by the plan you’re on. For more extensions or minutes, the company will work out a custom plan for you. All plans include a 30-day free trial, and if you’re not happy, it’s easy to cancel with just a phone call.

Most small businesses and home-based businesses can benefit from the professional phone services available from eVoice® . Your business will not only appear larger and more professional, but you will benefit from the additional organization and mobility that the service provides.

Get a free 30-day trial of eVoice®  here.

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Missy Ward

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