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WAHMspiration for Work At Home Moms

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Back in October 2011, when Rae Hoffman and I launched itsaWAHMthing.com our mission was to help work at home moms create better lives for themselves, their families and communities by providing them with networking opportunities and business tips from other successful WAHMs.

Our goals were simple:

  • We wanted to create a site that featured tips from successful WAHMs and Mompreneurs, so that aspiring work at home moms could find real information to help them run their business – whatever they may be.
  • We wanted to build a non-typical WAHM site; one that was drama and scam-free where Moms can focus on building a business, rather than getting freebees or discounts.

Fast forward, 5 months and 150 posts later, it’s truly wonderful to see our dream come to fruition; with the website exponentially growing in page views and comments and our search engine rankings moving up quickly for really tough terms (hat tip to Rae).

itsaWAHMthing.com home page

But more than that, I’m consistently impressed by the talents of our featured WAHM writers, Deb Carney, Liz Fogg, Liz Gazer, Jen Goode, Lisa Martin, Tricia Meyer, Loretta Oliver, Mary Poiley, Carrie Rocha, Eva Rosenberg, Lynn Terry, Shannon Weidemann and our token WAHD, Michael Gray. Each day, they share their first-hand experiences on dozens of WAHM-related topics including productivity, business tools, marketing, balancing family, tax issues, finances and more.

I should also share this secret…. The wealth of information our writers are providing benefit work at home dads, too. In fact, anyone that works from home or is growing their own business from their home can benefit greatly from the content provided on itsaWAHMthing.com.

One of my favorite features is our Success Stories, in which we feature successful work at home moms who are juggling their family and careers. Their stories are fascinating and very inspirational. Here are a links to a few of them:

WAHM Success Story: Lynn Terry of ClickNewz

WAHM Success Story: Sara Sutton Fell of FlexJobs.com

WAHM Success Story: Rae Hoffman-Dolan of Sugarrae, Inc.

(and me) WAHM Success Story: Missy Ward of Affiliate Summit

So, if you’re looking for a daily dose of WAHMspiration or some business and family balancing tips from other work at home moms, swing on over to itsaWAHMthing.com and join our community. Don’t forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter while you’re there.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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