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Get Ready for Audience Conference 2010

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On November 6, 2009 a select group of speakers and an audience came together at the Hudson theater in NYC. It was the inaugural event of Audience Conference, produced by 1938MediaAffiliate Summit was a Diamond Sponsor of the event.

Not only did the show exceed my expectations from both an attendee and sponsor standpoint, but it was also the start of a wonderful friendship with both Loren and Michelle Feldman of 1938Media.

Missy Ward and Loren Feldman
Photo by Shawn Collins

Over the course of the last few weeks, Shawn Collins and I have had many conversations with Loren to talk about what he had in mind for Audience Conference moving forward. The more we heard, the more we liked.

So, while in Las Vegas last week for Affiliate Summit West 2010, we decided that we'd all work together to produce Audience Conference moving forward.

With that in mind, I'm delighted to announce that The Audience Conference will be in NYC again on Saturday, August 14th, the day before Affiliate Summit East 2010.

The theme for this limited-capacity event will be “comedy”.

While I can't announce all the details just yet, I can tell you that the venue is perfect for a conference such as this one.

And really, what could be more appropriate to tie in with an affiliate marketing event other than an event with a comedic edge?

After all, both affiliate marketers and comics are very similar in nature. Both share a passion for a field that isn't easy to master, both rely heavily on instincts and both know that if they don't produce, they don't eat.

Stay tuned for more information on Audience Conference 2010 on TheAudienceConference.com.

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