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Separation of Church and State

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Separation of Church and State

For several years, I used MissyWard.com as my family website and then subsequently a blog.  It was here that you could check out pictures of my husband, kids, pets, neighbors, aunts, uncles, parents, etc. and get an idea of how we were all doing.   Occasionally, there would be a rave or rant totally unrelated to first haircuts, hockey scores, weddings, parties and so on, that my visitors would read, and simply say, “Huh?” I was probably talking about affiliate marketing, which to this day, I have a hard time making some family members understand —  (those would be the ones that Webtv has been trying to shake for the last two years so they can properly shut down their services.) So, in order to prevent the “Huh?” blog comments and the “keep this crap off your family blog” emails I've decided to separate out the content. Friends and family, you can still get your fix of the boys on www.TheSpauldingScoop.com. Friends, family and business associates that want to contend with my famous ideosynchracies that I love to share, my rants and raves on affiliate marketing and my gooberish videos that I love to make, stick around here and enjoy. Looking forward to providing you with my perceptions of and adaptations to reality.





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