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Last night, I took a trip downtown for the CoLab Orlando Open House. CoLab Orlando, which is due to open in October, will be a coworking venue for Otown's technology and creative community.

The space is in the historic Angebilt building on Orange Avenue and from what I've seen, it couldn't be more appropriate. There is coworking space available starting at $225 per month, to office suites starting at $625 per month. The pricing includes internet and use of a conference room in which to have meetings.

Etan Horowitz did a nice recap of the event and included all of the space options and pricing.

I've been working at home for nearly 6 years and to be quite honest, a co-working space would be perfect for me. It would get me out of the house a couple of days a week and give me an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.

Case-in-point: After the open-house I scooted downstairs to Finnhenry's with Sterling and Elizabeth from NFIStudios.com and caught up with what's going on with their company and their MemberFuse Social Networking Platform. Over a couple of drinks we caught up on what's going on around town and chatted about Doterati and how we were looking forward to seeing it grow. This entire conversation would have never happened, if I were sitting back in my office at home.

I think the only drawback for me at CoLab is that it's missing an “Administrative Services” offering. I really could use things like access to a printer, fax, someone to answer my phones, etc. But as I understand it, the folks at CoLab are willing to listen to what the community needs. Hopefully, they'll hear me :-p

Here are some pictures of the space:

CoLab Orlando

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