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Doterati Event during Create Chaos Recap

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Last night, Doterati (Central Florida's association for interactive marketers, media and the tech community) held a creative networking event during the Create Chaos Conference in Orlando.

While I didn't get over to Create Chaos this week (I've had way too much Chaos going on with being on the road for the last month), I did attend the Doterati event.

A session was held entitled “Juggling Creativity and Business”, which is so right up my alley on any given day. The panelists included Scott Allen, Chuck Southworth, and my local buddies and colleagues, Ted Murphy and Sterling Raphael. They all recounted the trials and tribulations of leaving their cozy corporate jobs working for “the Man” to strike out on their own and create their businesses.

There were several take aways for me but most importantly was one that was also a topic of discussion during a roundtable discussion at last week's ShareASale Think Tank“Getting rid of slacker employees.”

It seems that a lot of first-time business owners struggle with personnel and the inevitable decison on whether to fire an employee. Ted Murphy apparently dealt with this issue when he was starting his company. He offered his advice to cut the cord quickly and stop spending time trying to justify an employee that isn't awesome.

The event was a Doterati recruitment instrument and I hope that some of the folks that attended actually signed up. As a founding member myself, I can tell you that annual dues are a mere pittance, compared to what you can get out of the association. I urge all Central Florida marketers to sign up.

Thanks again to Tara Lamberson and the rest of the Doterati committee for putting this gig on and I look forward to participating in future events.

Here are some pictures of the event.

Doterati Event

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