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SeaWorld Orlando’s Dolphin Spotlight Tour

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Just got back from IZEAFest, which was extraordinary…. but MUCH more on that later.

Missy Ward hugging a dolphin at SeaWorld Orlando on the Dolphin Discover TourI was one of the folks who had the fortunate opportunity of taking the Dolphin Spotlight Tour at SeaWorld Orlando yesterday and I'm still jazzed up about how awe-inspiring it was.

Michael Gray, Chris Heuer, Zena Weist and Amanda Stewart were also on my tour group, which I knew would make for an even more awesome time.

While I do live in Orlando and have been to SeaWorld dozens of times with my family, I've never been on the Dolphin Spotlight Tour before.  The idea of going behind-the-scenes at SeaWorld and being able to get up close to the animals was something I really was looking forward to doing.

And, it did not disappoint!

The Dolphin Spotlight Tour at SeaWorld is a 1-hour walking tour that took us backstage of the Whale and Dolphin stadium where we got an overview of what is involved in training and taking care of the headliners of the Blue Horizons Show, which is my personal favorite at SeaWorld. No matter how many times I see it, I'm still blown away at how visually spectacular it is.

While I don't want to say that I took for granted how much work goes into take care of and training the dolphins, I now realize how much I underestimated it!

We then went over to Dolphin Cove where we got to become “Dolphin Trainers”. We were shown the commands to use to interact with the dolphins including the signal to get a little dolphin love. That just blew me away and is a moment that I will cherish forever.

I'd like to thank IZEA and SeaWorld Orlando for making it possible for me to participate in the Dolphin Spotlight Tour. I can't wait to go back and take my li'l guys on it.

Here are the pictures that were taken by SeaWorld photographers during the tour, which were made available to purchase on a thumb drive immediately following.

SeaWorld Orlando Dolphin Spotlight Tour Pictures of Missy Ward, Michael Gray, Zena Weist, Chris Heuer and Amanda
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