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BigMouthStrikesAgain.fm – Brian Littleton: Don’t Sing Us The Song of the Piano Man

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My guest today is Brian Littleton, one of the sharpest and most humble online marketers that I know. He is the CEO of ShareASale, a Chicago-based provider of e-commerce tracking and affiliate management solutions.

Brian is known for being a crusader of fair affiliate practices for many years; he'll tickle the ivories to entertain friends and business associates on command; and has to be one of the top ten most eligible bachelors in the affiliate marketing industry.

In this podcast, Brian talks about:

  • What he was doing before he founded ShareASale and how he came up with the idea for the company.
  • Some of the hurdles he's had to overcome as the company grew.
  • Protecting the rights of affiliates and merchants alike, even if it means walking business.
  • Affiliate Marketing trends and tips for new folks getting into the industry.
  • Where he sees ShareASale heading in the future.
  • Affiliate marketing's biggest problems today.
  • What he would be doing if he wasn't doing what he's doing now 🙂
  • The song that he wish he'd never have to play on the piano again.
  • … and so many other juicy tidbits about him…
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    1 ML Vanessa September 8, 2009 at 10:05 pm

    You've described him well… Honest, hard working, humble… I'd say those are great qualities for an eligible bachelor in our industry 🙂


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