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Live Site Reviews by Mike Nunez of AffiliateManager.com

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The Central Florida Affiliate Marketing Meetup, hosted by Affiliate Summit took place last night.

Mike Nunez, owner of AffiliateManager.com, provided an informative session to a packed house on Live Site Reviews.

Attendees offered their sites to this open session and got advice on usability, SEO, conversions and revenue streams.

If you missed the event you can find some of the key takeaways below:

  • Get to your main point quickly, so the user knows what your site is about
  • Add a person's face with your Call To Action (CTA) in the top right, with your phone number. People are drawn to faces and will usually look where the persons eyes are looking so make sure to place another call out where the persons eyes are looking.
  • Blue and Green are natural colors that we see everyday and therefore we instinctively pass over these colors. Try using a soft orange for your CTA.
  • Try “Get Started” or another CTA that suggests building a relationship.
  • Flashing banners are too distracting and take up too much real estate, put your main points above the fold.
  • Use http://www.clicktale.com/ to see where your visitors are looking on your site, see how far they scroll down, then move around your content.
  • If you are looking for newsletter sign-ups then have that be your main focus, put it at the top of your page.
  • Use Light boxes to highlight your CTAs, newsletter signups etc.. but don't over do them.. make it so the visitors only see them one their 1st visit.. a good resource for this would be AWeber.
  • If you look at your site and you can not immediately tell what the company does then the visitor will not either, make sure you clearly state what the company does and how you can solve the visitors pains. Your visitors are there for a reason, now tell them how you can help them. Don't make them search and scroll, just tell them.
  • Put your tag line under your logo a the top of your page
  • Add CREDIBILITY to your site, statement of what you do, how you can solve your customers pains, what results you have seen, companies who have endorsed you, media that has written about you, certificates you have etc.. do not lie, or fake it.. use real data or average.
  • CTAs work best with a lighter background color and darker text, no italics, or cursive fonts, make it bold and easy to read.
  • Do not over do the menu.. don't overwhelm your visitors with too many navigation options.
  • Use contrasting colors to draw eyes to your CTAs
  • Carry your brand scent on all pages, landing pages, and advertisements. This means – Keep the same look and feel across all platforms.
  • Improve page load time and optimization
  • Make sure all images have proper Alt Tag titles
  • Use text whenever possible, rather than images with text
  • Use your header tags appropriately (H1, H2, H3 etc)

Even the more advanced attendees left with action items to improve their sites.

To join the Central Florida Internet Marketing Meetup Group and find out about upcoming events, please check us out on Meetup.com.

Our next meetup takes place on Tuesday, February 26th where the presenter will be Davey Taylor Affiliate Manager at PeerFly. There is never a charge to attend our meetups.

To find an Affiliate Summit sponsored meetup group in your area, please visit http://www.affiliatesummit.com/meetups/

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