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TheSpew, Episode 13: Boobies, Crabs and Taxes. Oh My!

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Lisa Picarille (@lisap), who is a consultant specializing in social media, online marketing and content creation, was the moderator for this week’s show. You can find her blogging at lisapicarille.com

The panelists this week were:

Karen Garcia (@karengarcia), co-founder of GTO Management and Ultimate Foodie.

And me (@missyward) co-founder of Affiliate Summit and co-editor-in-chief of FeedFront magazine.

Here are some of the things we talked about:

My new podcast Big Mouth Strikes Again where she interviews all sorts of industry leaders and wise guys 😉

Affiliate Marketers Give Back: I'm leading a team of great folks participating in the 40-mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Los Angeles and why championing the boobies is important to me.

The Problem Solvers session at the upcoming Affiliate Summit in New York lets attendees get expert advice and donate some funds that will benefit Big Brothers and Big Sisters of New York City.

Karen’s firm, GTO Management, will once again be sponsoring the Christian Affiliate Marketers Association (CAMA) brunch at ASE09. It’ll be at the historic Cotton Club.

At the end of the show we got to the advertising tax issues:

Tax and crabs – mmmmm!

The advertising tax news was mixed for other states. But we all send Arnold a big shout out for keeping affiliates on track in California. Also Overstock will continue to do business with California affiliates. And a warm Aloha to Governor Linda Lingle of Hawaii, who seemed to be influenced by the affiliate rally.

We also decided that to hammer home the issue about affiliates and taxes, the industry needs a charismatic, powerful spokesperson.

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Missy Ward

Co-Founder & President at Affiliate Summit, Inc.
Missy Ward has been in affiliate marketing since 1999. She is the Co-Founder of Affiliate Summit, FeedFront Magazine, GeekCast.fm, Founder of AffiliateMarketersGiveBack.com and manages many of her own affiliate sites. If she's not making money through affiliate links on the post you're currently reading, it's an oversight on her part and it will be corrected soon.

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