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TheSpew, Episode 9: Chris Pearson – Naked and Covered in Honey

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I (@missyward) of Affiliate Summit moderated this week with panelists:

Chris Pearson (@pearsonified),
who is the master-mind behind ThesisTheme for WordPress; avid health nut and organic food eater; formidable Scrabble opponent and blogger on
, was
our special guest this week.
Missy Ward & Chris Pearson


Today's topics that were spewed were:

  • Our thoughts on the FTC forcing Bloggers to disclose when they are being paid for their posts and why it makes us want to vomit.
  • Why we think affiliates don't need to disclose their affiliate links on Twitter, blogs, Facebook, etc, no matter what the purists think.
  • Why its important to research the products and services that you're marketing (which was included in a recent video presentation that I just put out.)
  • Our favorite WordPress plug-ins for online marketers. (Thanks to Kim for putting the list together here.)

    We also got the nitty-gritty on Chris when it comes to:

  • How and why he made the leap from engineering to building WordPress themes.
  • How his first theme “Cutline” was the springboard to Thesis and what makes it unique.
  • Things that are exciting him in the world of online marketing.
  • The reason he did the “How to Become a Celebrity” video
  • Tips on simple things to do to optimize blogs that are often overlooked.
  • Suggestions on getting started in blogging and how to go about monetizing a blog.
  • His personal life and his guilty pleasures.
  • What two women he'd love to do lunch with
  • The worst business advice he was ever given
  • What he really wants to do with his life
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